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Apr 22, 2008 02:56 AM

Where To Eat Post-Theater

Got Broadway Theater tickets for Sunday at 7:00. Too early for pre-theater and who wants to be rushed? Where to go post-theater on a Sunday? Anything but Italian (Babbo on Monday!)

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  1. hmm.. midtown after a play? i always recommend SAKE BAR HAGI on 49th and 7th. yummy small plates and assorted treats. also there's YAKITORI TOTTO on 55th.. both of these places close late, and have great eats!

        1. Uncle Nick's at 9th Ave and 50th. It's a bit off the beaten path, so will miss the rest of the post-theater crowds. They have a full restaurant, but i'd recommend sitting on the bar side (two separate entrances) and ordering a bunch of appetizers. I've been there many times, and have culled the menu down to just appetizers, they're all so good we order a bunch and never make it to a main course (MUST try the Saganaki, they set it on fire at tyour table, and it's SO yummy!)

          1. They can go downtown for dinner.