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Apr 21, 2008 11:46 PM

old inn at southfield store.

somebody been to this restaurante?where is it?

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  1. I think what you are looking for is The Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough. It is on Rt 57 about 20 minutes east of Gt. Barrington. Take Rt 23 east out of Gt. Barrington to Rt 57 east.

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      thank you for you info,I just get another feedback.old inn at southfield store is another restaurant but with the same owner,I hear good things about this place.

    2. I know the store well. It is owned by the same owner as the Old Inn on the Green, but is slightly off of 57 in the tiny town of Southfield. It has the same baker as the Inn. It is open for dinner, Thurs. Frid. Sat and Brunch on Sunday. During the week breakfast and lunch. On Thursday night the chef (who is from Oaxaca) serves great Mexican food. They have a liquor license. You can have everything there from great BLT with local bacon ...the baked goods are amazing. Today I saw two men in shirts and ties eating outside under the umbrella, a bearded kid reading and eating his lunch, and an older gentleman reading his book, with lunch and a glass of wine. It is charming. Delicious. Not cheap, but highly recommended!

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        Love the Southfield Store for lunch and delectible desserts, however, the Thursday Oaxacan night was a letdown. We travel to Mexico quite often and adore the food so we were quite excited to try out Oaxacan night. Unfortunately, our fish tacos were flavorless and our mole chicken was overcooked and gamey tasting. The margharita's and chips were great though....

      2. Old Inn At Southfield Store is great for lunch and dinner on the weekends. I think they are not open in the winter for dinner - just summer. It is a small restaurant. On Thursday night they serve a special menu Mexican I think. There was a nice article in the Berkshire Eagle about the chef last year.