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Apr 21, 2008 10:36 PM

Best boulangerie / patisseries in Montreal/Quebec City?

Hi! I'm going to make a short trip up to Mtl and QC in a week and I absolutely love any kind of pastry and good bread... are there any recommendations on what places are best to go to for bread? Croissants? Macarons? and other pastries etc.. ?


Also! I'm open to going to many different bakeries for one item... I would rather eat a really good croissant at one bakery than to settle for an okay croissant at the best bakery...

Are there any bakery items that you'd go out of the way to get from any bakery?

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    1. I love Le Fromentier on Laurier (almost at Papineau) and wanted to call it out specifically.

      I've had their quiches (I love their savoury apple), and highly recommend their stuffed bread and nutty baguettes. The stand-out purchases from last time were the lemon / mint tart and a danish-style pastry that was perfectly done, and not overly - cloyingly - sweet.

      1. In Quebec city :

        Le Croquembouche, St-Joseph street
        La Boîte à pain, St-Joseph street or 3e avenue (at this location they also make napolitan pizza)

        1. Fous Dessert for the croissant. Crisp, buttery, perfect.

          Bouchees Gourmandes for the Chausson aux pommes (apple pastry). Perfect pastry.

          Baklava at Patisserie Amal Bohsali. Insanely addictive. You can see this thread for other recs as well:

          Cocoa Locale for cupcakes and cakes. Not so much a boulangerie. But such great cakes.

          Alati-Casserta or Alati for cannoli.

          These are all places in Montreal.

          1. I agree with cocoa locale & Le Fromontier but you can also check out pain dore, they are pretty well spread throughout the city(Monkland,Cote des Neiges,St Laurent to name a few) and the croissants,abricotines(croissant with thin layer of pastry cream and apricot halves too good) and denishu(croissant style chocolatine with pistachio paste-OMG yum!) are really tasty!
            Happy hunting.

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              Like Première Moisson, Au Pain Doré is fine for bread but less so for pastries, IMO, which are inferior to those at any number of non-chain bakeries like Duc de Lorraine, Paltoquet, Fous Desserts, Les Saveurs du Plateau, Lescurier and Fromentier. I suspect it has something to do with mass production techniques, trucking them in, long shelf-life and having to produce a product that can withstand all that. And then there's the question of butter content (does anybody here know?). Not saying they're bad, just that they're hardly the best, which is what the OP is asking for.

              1. re: carswell

                I second Paltoquet!!! I had an amazing pistachio, raspberry and almond cake that blew me away... I can still taste it!