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Apr 21, 2008 09:13 PM

Need recs for a good business lunch in Burbank near the WB lot

Morton's is always an option but I really want to try something different. Type of food doesn't really matter. Just looking for good food to have on the company dollar.

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  1. Down the street on Riverside is Timmy Nolan's - they have good food - everything I've had is made fresh there, For the stroganoff, we watched as they cut up a filet to use for the beef.

    The upstairs part would be more conducive to a business lunch, there are bigger tables and it seems to be quieter than downstairs

    I've read good things about Arde's Bistro, but haven't been myself, its on my list to try.

      1. I enjoy Prosecco on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake for dinner. I am sure that their lunches are good too.