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Apr 21, 2008 08:44 PM

Appetizers and Vegetables at Peter Luger Steakhouse

I'm eating at Peter Luger Steakhouse for the first time tomorrow and would like some recommendations on which appetizers and vegetables there are the best. The ones that sound most interesting to me are the tomatoes and onions, the bacon, the salad, the creamed spinach, and the German fried potatoes. So in other words, almost everything. Sometimes I don't like spinach dishes, especially when the spinach is too mushy and the flavor is too strong, but sometimes I love it and in this case it sounds interesting. Any advice would be welcomed. Also if anyone can recommend a dessert, that would be great. The hot fudge sundae sounds pretty good. Thank you very much.

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  1. Peter Luger is famed for it's fantastic steak and notorious for their horrible sides. If I were you, here's what I would get:
    Bacon (I believe there's a salad that comes with the bacon)
    German Fried Potatoes (They're nothing spectacular, but they're a nice enough accompaniment)
    Beer or Wine

    That's it. Seriously.
    The creamed spinach is awful--bland, mushy, just bad. The tomatoes and onions salad was really unpleasant.
    The desserts are ok. Nothing too inspired.
    The steak, on the other hand, is spectacular.


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      the bacon is an absolute must -- it's thick, smoky, absolutely redefines bacon-tude!

      i'd agree with the spinach nix handed down above, but i've liked the tomato/onion salad more often than not (though since this isn't prime tomato season, maybe this is a "not" time).

      oh, and despite long-remembered relatives' warnings to "not fill up on bread," you MUST down a couple of their rolls. mmmmmmmmmm rolls!

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        I don't know about that empecot, I think that the german fried potatoes are pretty spectacular.

      2. bring cash, no credit cards taken (except theirs of course)

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          I only went there once, but I wasn't impressed by any food other than the steak, which was spectacular. I didn't like the tomato-onion salad at all (hated the dressing) and while my family loved the potatoes, I didn't think they were all that impressive. The wines didn't impress me either...(didn't have the bacon though...many in my family won't eat pork). Its just the steak, and the steak is great. (Although I keep hearing about lousy waiters, I found the service excellent.)

        2. you *NEED* to get the bacon (1 slice per person at least, don't do yourself the disservice of sharing). tbh i never quite understood why people were so crazy about the tomatos/onions, i'd skip that personally. the german potatos are amazing and i always get the creamed spinach but it definitely has a 'spinich' flavor so you might not like that.

          for dessert you need to get the Shlag. it doesnt matter what with. i usually get the fresh fruit (or strawberries) and make sure the waiter knows "lay on the shlag!!" (and put a dollop in your coffee btw its amazing.)

          1. I was just there this weekend. Only my second time. I would agree the sides are unremarkeable and really serve the purpose of adding something other than meat to your meal I can't really add too much to what other's said. But...something that did make my first taste of meat a let down was 2 things. First the steak came out very quickly from the broiler and really needed to sit a minute or two to relax. In hindsight, I would not eat it immediately. Also, and what I really did not appreciate was the addition of the melted fat/butter by the waiter to my meat. If you don't want the fat spooned on your meat, be sure to stop the waiter before he spoons it out. Or better yet, tell them you are happy to serve yourself and let the meat sit there for a bit ;)

            1. Bacon is a MUST. My reco: Ask the waiter to make you a chopped salad of lettuce, tomato and onion. Get a slice of bacon on the side, and slice it up for your portion of the salad. Use Luger house sauce for the dressing.

              Sides: Creamed spinach is top notch (I have to disagree with the general consensus of responses here, it's always a must-order when i go). It's very rich, and the taste doesn't really resemble spinach (in a good way). German fries are really great too, I always make it a point to order both.

              Desserts are nothing to write home about, but still good. Key lime pie comes fresh from Steve's in Red Hook. Cheesecake is nice too, as are the strawberries and hot fudge sundae. Just make sure you get schlag (heavy, homemade whipped cream... you'll feel your arteries clogging with every spoonful).