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Apr 21, 2008 08:18 PM

Looking for a new Indian spot in chicago?

We love indian cusine and have been to several places downtown and devon, such as Indian Garder, Gaylords, India House, Tiffin. We hear the Udupi Palace is excellent? Any other places that people love?

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  1. I love Viceroy of India on Devon. It's consistently excellent. Tiffin is mediocre and all show. I too heard a lot of great things about Udupi Palace but was disappointed on my first visit. I wasn't sure what to order so perhaps I should give it another chance.
    Ghandi on Devon is very good too.

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      I am sorry to hear that about udupi palace, but I might give it a try in any case. I felt tiffin was good, but too much hype. I will give viceroy or ghandi a try as well.

    2. My favorites are both Hema's Kitchens, one on Oakley at Devon and the other at Clark and Fullerton. The service is usually terrible, but Hema grinds all her own spices and the food is explosively flavorful. The lamb curry is particularly good.

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        Hema's kicks ass if you go at off times. Hema and her sister are awesome hosts, and will cater to you graciously when it's not busy. I never go there during peak times. The difference is night and day. Last meal I had there was at the one on Oakley at 1:30pm on a Sat. Hema was there, and her son was there also. they both were as gracious as always, and I simply asked them to make lunch for me and my guest. AWESOME. I didn't even look at the menu. They asked us if we ate chicken, lamb, and if we liked things very hot, or medium hot etc. and they brought out several things for us to try. We were both stuffed, had leftovers for another huge meal, and walked out for under 30.00.

        I am ALWAYS hawking Khan's BBQ on the sw corner of Western and Devon:
        Chicken Boti
        Broasted Chicken
        Aloo Gobi
        A few parathas, and raita, and asorted dipping sauces, maybe some pickle.
        This will be an awesome meal for two or three (or four!) and a value. You're welcome.

        Usmaniya on Devon
        Sabri Nehari on Devon for their signature nehari
        For "no frills" and cheap, it's tough to beat Garab Naweez on devon.
        Fancy (ish) Pants noveau : Marigold on Broadway.
        Latino/Indian fusion: Vermillion
        Uru-Swati on devon for strict vegetarian menu
        I love Indian food. LOVE it! We are SO lucky to have so many great options.

      2. All great suggestions, i forgot to put hema's on my list of places I have been, but only to the clark street location.

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          A few posters have recently raved about:
          India Grill at 2258 N. Clark.
          BYOB. Not much ambience, but if you're in it for the food, you might wanna give it a trial if you're close. I have not been there yet, but I will eventually get there. So much good Indian food to try in this town!

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            A big plus is that India Grill will deliver all the way over to us in Bucktown! The food is good, the delivery makes it a big win.

        2. This is a little off the beaten path - well, the path that city people walk, anyway - but I highly recommend Khyber Pass in River Forest. (

          It's buffet-style, but you'd never guess it, what with the dim-and-classy lighting; it's dark enough so that you don't feel compelled to watch everyone that's lining up for their third plate. There's usually a sitar player that always, humorously enough, seems to be doing Beatles covers.

          That said, their lentil soup is some of the best soup I've never had, they're widely acclaimed in papers around here (if you keep your eyes open for the name) and you never know what to expect - last time I was there, I had a big party next to me that was digging in to a whole lamb. Very whole and very intimidating.