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Apr 21, 2008 08:02 PM

Awesome breakfast in Plano or McKinney???

Hey all, I am headed to McKinney tomorrow morning for an appointment, and wanted to grab some breakfast in that direction. Any good suggestions? Love a place that knows how to do pancakes, and knows how to do hashbrowns-- or really anything else breakfast-y.


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  1. There is a place on University between Hwy 5 and 75. Bill somethings. Old school breakfast place. Cooked to order. About 3 blocks east of the Wal Mart/Sams.

    1. This post is probably a little late but there is a Cafe Brazil in McKinney off 75.

      1. Nope, not late- I still haven't embarked on my mission north to McKinney. I guess I am a bit of a late riser... Other suggestions? Maybe also places that continue to serve breakfast into the afternoon?

        1. Bill Smith's was mentioned above, that would be my choice:

          and, what can I say, I like Waffle House as well, and there's one of those on the east side of 75 near White

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            Thanks for the mention about Bill Smith's, we checked it out based on the suggestions here, surprised by the amount of seating, but 2 out of 3 rooms were for smokers, nice staff, lots of 'ya'lls' spoken, had the hash brown supreme, loved it, very unusual dish, but loved it, blueberry pancakes, best so far, outside of kirby lane, downside, cash only..

          2. Spoons Cafe in downtown McKinney has a great breakfast (served all day actually). I highly recommend it for breakfast, comfort food and their cakes and pies are awesome too.

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              Oh, LOVE Spoons! I would not have recommended Bill Smith's, way too smokey, stopped going years ago, because i worried about the smoke around my son. But, Spoons is great, and the owner is just as sweet as she can be, really good strawberry cake, too. Lavender House used to be good, haven't been in a while, but it can be a little stuffy, atmosphere-wise.