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Apr 21, 2008 07:53 PM

Classic hot dog stand vendor in Mississauga?

I'm wondering if there is anywhere in Mississauga with a hot dog vendor similar to downtown Toronto??

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  1. Outside of Canadian Tire, on the south side of Dundas between Dixie and 427. I think there's also another one outside of Starsky, which is a Polish supermaket, also on the south side of Dundas and east of 427.

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    1. re: dlw88

      The Canadian Tire store is actually a couple of blocks west of Dixie. Good tip though. I don't think I've seen a Canadian Tire store in the last little while that does not have a hot dog stand or truck outside.

    2. Try Port Credit (Lakeshore, between Hwy10 & Mississauga Rd).
      There's a guy that's been there for years.
      West-side of the river (besides the Sunst Grill) is his stand.

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      1. re: 5andman

        I think that guy only work in the summer months. I think there's a city bylaw that prevents permanent hot dog stands in Mississuga streets thats why most of them are outside private properly (CT) or the owners take them home at the end of the day. I would expect someone smart enough to open a stand near Dunday/HWY 10 by now.

      2. There's usually a cart near the lakeside parking lot at Jack Darling Park south of Lakeshore just west of Lorne Park Drive. Probably the prettiest park in Mississauga, great for a relaxing lunch.

        1. Hands down best hot dog stand outside of Canadian Tire is Dundas west of Winston Churchill. You always get an additional half of a sausage with your hot dog or sausage.