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Apr 21, 2008 07:34 PM

Eleven - Closed!?

This is coming second-hand, from my parents. They wouldn't lie but they confuse easily... They went to Eleven yesterday for brunch and lo and behold it was gone! It's now The Garden (or some such thing) and they appear to be trying to put that whole Brad Moore thing behind them. Can anybody confirm this?

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  1. Not closed, just changed and Brad Moore seems to be gone. It's called The Garden @ Eleven now. Here's a recent thread on the change (scroll down) -

    and here's the website, same address but different -

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    1. re: JamieK

      Well at the very least it will be nice to have such an affordable bistro downtown...though the menu does look slightly boring. On the bright side, it looks perfect for the spring/summer season.

    2. As mentioned in a previous thread, the replacement chef is Pat Riley formerly of Perigee. I can't tell you how excited I am about this change!

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      1. re: Gary

        Interesting change of hands. Who replaced Pat Riley at Perigee?

        1. re: team_eater

          According to their website, the chef is now Christopher Brown.

      2. The owner(s?) of Eleven need to take the reins off. I find the new menu very uninspiring. The brunch is indistinguishable from every other place now. This, just as I announced to my gf's that I had very definitely found our go-to brunch place. I will follow where Brad Moore goes next.

        1. My wife and I dropped into the new "The Garden @ Eleven" for lunch this week. It was not bad. The panko breaded fish and chips were quite tasty, though the frites were a bit soggy, which I found odd considering we were one of the first lunch customers. The eggs benedict was beautiful with nice prosciutto and a sliced melon salad, but they were a little sparse with the hollandaise.

          Frankly I found the portions to be rather small even for an "upscale" place. I wasn't expecting mounds of food, but really, I think they could have tossed more than a dozen fries on my plate. Service was extremely efficient and attentive, which is good for lunch when many people have a limited amount of time.

          So really a bit of a mixed experience; I think I'll reserve judgment for now and wait and see what the story is before trying them for a full dinner.