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Apr 21, 2008 07:30 PM

Cluck Grunt and Low - closed!?

I'm really not trying to spread rumours, but when I walked past the restaurant today (Bloor location) there was newspaper covering all of the windows. Anyone know what the cluck?

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  1. Apparently just renovations. They should be open by the end of the week. Wouldn't be a huge loss if they did close though,(imho),

    1. Perhaps they can renovate a smoker with adequate ventilation in the joint.

      1. I continuously expect to find that it's closed - not due to any fault in the business itself, but due, in part, to the fact that the location has been home to a few fabulously failed restaurant/cafes.

        Truth be told, I'm surprised it's been open for as long as it has.

        Ah well... much luck to them.


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        1. re: solabusca

          sorry have to disagree. their failure would be 100% due to their lousy business. And I dont wish them luck for serving cold ribs, undercooked beans, dried out crappy cornbread and lousy cole slaw.

        2. Just from my observations with restaurants in the past.
          "Closed for renovations" usually means closed for good.Especially with new places.

          1. My wife walked by yesterday and they were open, doing a fairly brisk lunch business. The website is down, though: have they opened their second location on Bayview yet?

            For the record I waited many months before trying Cluck, mostly because of the negative comments on here, and I was pleasantly surprised. My ribs were nicely cooked and tasty, and I had no problems with the four sides I tried. Service was a bit sluggish but friendly. Nothing super rave-worthy but the place was hardly deserving of the venomous criticism I've read on here.

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            1. re: Gary

              Bayview location has been open for a while now. I've eaten there twice - quite enjoyed the first visit (though, as you noted, it's not rave-worthy) but it wasn't as good the second time.