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Apr 21, 2008 07:18 PM

Help locate this Thai Place

Hi again.

A few years ago, I read some raving reviews about this Thai restaurant somewhere North of Chicago proper, and they served an amazing Thai type of fish. I can't seem to remember the name of it. I realize I am very vague. However, anybody have any idea what the name could be?



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  1. I can think of two places that are known for a stellar fish prep. Both are northish:
    Spoon Thai's catfish custard:
    Spoon Thai Restaurant
    4608 N Western Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
    (773) 769-1173

    Also the Thai style red snapper at Elephant Thai:
    Elephant Thai
    5348 W Devon
    Chicago, IL

    Both are actually IN Chicago, but north of the "downtown" area.

    1. It's also possible you heard a rave review of Arun's, the one Thai restaurant in Chicago which attempts haute cuisine (although in my own opinion as well as that of many others here, the only thing haute about their cuisine is the price). They have gotten great PR over the years.

      1. My money is on Aruns. Check out link below for description of place and history

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          Thanks everybody. I'm not sure if it is any of these. It certainly wasn't a haute cuisine place. Hole in the wall, took a bus to get there, and it seemed like it wasn't near downtown. Dishes were inexpensive, fish about $20 ish, other dishes much less. Really tasty.

          I did go to Spoon Thai as well but preferred this 'other' place.

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            TAC Quick?

            TAC Quick
            3930 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60613

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              That doesn't ring a bell. The more commonly praised Thai places, TAC Quick and Spoon Thai, are both very close to el stops.

              A fish dish commonly found in many Thai restaurants is whole red snapper, deep fried and topped with red and green hot peppers and green chili sauce. It's usually $20-25, and usually the most expensive dish in the restaurant. I've had it at several places around town. I had it again at Thai Sookdee a few weeks ago and it was wonderful.

          2. Can anyone point me in the direction of a GREAT Thai omelet? I visited Thailand years ago and my Thai mom made the best omelet. I know that nothing will compare, but want to have a good one in Chicago to see if it's close. Thanks.

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              I don't know the Thai transliteration, but the pad thai "omelet" at TAC is one of many wonderful dishes offered on the translated Thai menu(c/o Erik M). I'm not a fan of pad thai, and it's so often bastardized beyond recognition, but this vs. is "authentic" enough and deliciously ephemeral.

            2. It could have been Opart Thai on Western. They have catfish and red snapper. Was it next to the EL tracks?