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Apr 21, 2008 07:16 PM

Best Steak

Need recommendation for the best quality steak Downtown, (though willing to travel a bit). Last year was sent to Cheval Something or other and found it noisy, hot, overpriced with a soundtrack of loud 70's music that would not quit. Will not return. What do you folks suggest?

Any other restaurants downtown worthy of a visit? Liked Au Pied du Cochon, thought L'Express menu too limited. (Yes I know they are not downtown).

Thanks for all advice.

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  1. If it's just great steak you're after, I don't think it gets much better than Moishes on St. Laurent.

    1. For the non-steak part of your question, I would definitely recommend Au Pied de Cochon (not downtown but not too far either), but Toque! would be my first downtown pick. This is fine dining at its best.

      1. Hiya, you might want to check out these threads re: steak:

        Steakhouse in Montreal?

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        re: other restos downtown, what type of cuisine? budget? atmosphere?

          1. I second bomobob - Moishes hands down for best steak.

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              If Au Pied is too far, is Moishes really that much closer?