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Apr 21, 2008 06:45 PM

Zabb Astoria disaster

So I was running some errands the other day on 30th Avenue in Astoria when I spied with my little eye a surprising sign across the street from me: ZABB. Bliss! I bolted through traffic without looking, didn't get killed, and sure enough, Zabb opened up a new branch a little over a week ago. Same owner, said the friendly waiter; same chef, said the friendly waiter. My girlfriend and I walked out with a Thai iced coffee and vowed to return soon, which I did today, with an old pal who pointed out that it seemed to be the former Thai Pavilion location. We ordered two lunch specials and a duck salad. When the friendly waiter asked, "spicy?" we nodded our heads vigorously; the friendly waiter smiled. Total disaster. The dishes weren't spicy, which fine, whatever, I can live, but they weren't *well spiced,* which is not fine. Sugary. Unassertive. I'm sticking with Arharn closer to me on 36th Avenue.

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  1. Darn! I suspected that would be the case. Thai Angel was in that space previously and I was worried that it would be the same crappy food with a slick new interior. Sadly, it sounds like I was right. Thanks for your report. You've saved me a trip to pick up the menu.

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      Wait, is Thai Pavilion or Thai Angel gone? Thai Pavilion was actually really good, a big step above the other neighborhood options for Thai, though not in the same league as Sri.

      1. re: Astoria Lurker

        Oh, sorry, I may have gotten the name wrong--it's whichever one was on the north side of the street. I always thought Arharn was at least two clicks above anything else I'd tried in Astoria, Thai-wise, so haven't bothered with the others in a couple of years.

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          Thai Angel is gone; Thai Pavilion remains. Thank goodness.

      2. I used to eat Zabb at Roosevelt Ave. food not bad but not really good too.The problem is about the service the waitress was not nice.

        1. I just ate lunch there today and thought it was fine. Not spectacular by any means. One thing that was really good was the Tom Ka Gai that came with the lunch special. I thought it was well spiced with vibrant flavors, though not spicy as indicated. My Pad Ginger with chicken was tasty, and will be fine as leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. However, I'd go back for the soup and for the Thai iced tea, which was great.

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            Gosh, I don't know whether complimentary side-soup, iced tea, and good-enough-for-leftovers are enough for me. Or at least not when there's a better option nearby. Mostly I was disappointed that they seem to have watered down the food from the Home Office on Roosevelt Avenue, which, granted, isn't my favorite, but is still awful good.