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Apr 21, 2008 06:35 PM

MSP Knife Sharpening

I know of a professional place that sharpens knives in MSP, and I've heard they do a good job. Haven't checked into the prices, etc. However, I saw a sign in Lunds/Byerly's (grocery store) meat counter that they sharpen 3 knives in about 24 hours. Free. Does anyone have knowledge if the freebie knife sharpening is done well? or should I go with the professional?


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  1. Free?

    You get what you pay for , probably worse. Buzzing a few years of life off a quality knife and possibly de-tempering so it will not hold an edge is no bargain...

    1. i can't comment on your specific market, but i will say that attempts to have knives sharpened for free at markets and at stores like sur le table have been quite disappointing. they seem duller than they were when i brought them in. fortunately there's a very good knife sharpener not far from me that does a great job. It costs, but well worth it, in my opinion

      1. Sur la Table is running an April promotion--two knives (not serrated) sharpened for free. Any additional knives sharpened at $1/inch. I brought in my Henckel's chef's knife and paring knife (the two I use most). When I got home, I noticed the chef's knife has a chip on the blade that I'm sure wasn't there before. So I agree with the person that said you get what you pay for.

        1. eversharp: formerly master's edge. moved a block north to 344 taft street. reasonable prices (they charge by the blade, not the inch which is ridiculous imo), good service. most of the chefs in town bring their knives here to be sharpened. make sure JOE sharpens anything special you may have, one time the other guy messed up the edge on one of my expensive japanese knives by treating it as if it were a german blade (grrrr). they do a nice job on serrated blades which are hard to do yourself with a stone and only charge a buck or two more, at least they did for me when i brought in a bunch of knives together.

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            Thanks all, for the guidance.
            Soupkitten: that is the place I'd heard of, but hadn't honed into the address. Thanks for the rec.