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Apr 21, 2008 06:18 PM

[Lincoln, NH] Bad review for Nachos Mexican Grill

Wanted to grab some food before getting on the Kangamangus Highway so my mom, my girlfriend, and I stopped in. We should have left when tables and the floor weren't clean. I won't say anything about the waitress, because she's young and has a lot to learn. The strawberry smoothies were not smoothies at all, but water and milk with maybe a tiny little bit of artificial flavor stirred in. The cloudiest glasses were hanging in the kitchen and we just knew our glasses game from that stash. The rice and beans were bland. Service was very slow. Food was greasy. Veggies were not fresh. The only compliment I had for the cook was his fresh salsa. He must have used fresh veggies in it because is snapped. Nice job. Overall, a tourist trap to be avoided. It would never last outside of a tourist area.

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  1. Of course, it IS Lincoln, NH...
    Even the fancy train trip food is obscenely average.

    But you see, they've got you once you've taken that exit and you're on the way to Conway.

    The chain "The Common Man" might be the best choice on 118, only because the setting is nice (even though it burned down a few years ago and had to be rebuilt). But all in all, the food choices from I-93 to the White Mountain National Forest could be best described as "barely adequate filler".

    1. I can`t believe the place was still open. I ate there in October, what a mistake. Bad service, bad food.

      1. As a rule i avoid any "mexican" restaurant with the word Nacho in the name as strongly as i avoid seafood restaurants starting with the word "Captain".

        1. When we arrived in Lincoln, NH my 5 year old daughter decided she wanted to eat Mexican food. We walked into the front door and the waitress nearly knocked our daughter over hurrying out of the restaurant to the outside tables. She never said excuse me or even acknowledged our presence. I thought maybe she is very busy and will be back. When she came back, she walked past us again not even making eye contact or anything, so now I began to get suspicious. While we were still standing there waiting for her to acknowledge us a white family came in and she immediately greeted them and asked them how many people were in their party; they were seated. My husband began to address the issue by telling her that we were standing there waiting for the outside table and she simply said “y’all can sit anywhere.” Ordinarily, at this point I would have drawn everyone’s attention to what was going on, however, we were tired and hungry from traveling all day and we had not really addressed the issue of racism with our daughter. Needless to say we just left and ate elsewhere. We had positive experiences at every other restaurant both in Lincoln and Woodstock for the remainder of our vacation. the Common Man was the best!