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Apr 21, 2008 06:16 PM

Cheap eats for a group? ("eastside")

Any suggestions for a big group dinner - as cheap as can be - yet some ambience if possible? And yummy, of course. Don't call me a chowhound for nothing!

For example - a place like Palms Thai on Sunset...but other cuisines? I am organizing a group dinner for 8-10...most of us are poor/watching our budget.

Anything between WeHo to Echo Park would be optimal....thanks, guys!

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  1. How about going out for pupusas? Cheap, filling and tasty, just heap on the curtido and enjoy.

    I like Con Sabor on Venice Blvd, right around La Brea, I'm sure others have their favorites.

    1. How about a Pho place in Koreatown?

      Or Greek? Papa Cristos ( is pretty cheap for groups (and filling!


      Ethiopian? I knwo Melas by genet is usually the Go-To, but Merkato is cheaper. (


      Cuban? El Cochinito in Silver lake? Barroca in Atwater Village?

      Sabina's on Vine is Romanian (I think!)-flavored cusine. Tasty!

      For Salvadorean I recommend Jaragua in Koreatown or El Buen Gusto Restaurant in Atwater Village.

        1. All these suggestions sound's for dinner, though, and we want to be comfortable and order booze (yeah, that put the "cheap" right out of the I think a place like Philippe's is more of a lunch than dinner place. Also I am thinking of the space itself - i.e. we don't want to wait long, if it's small we don't want to feel overcrowded...keep the suggestions coming! All of these are great but any other ideas for groups? Thank you to everyone!

          1. Soot Bull Jeep is fun for groups, especially noisy, drunk ones.
            Ambiance: smoky.

            Soot Bull Jeep
            3136 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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              Jitlada is terrific, good for groups (back room has bigger tables) and has alcohol It is also not very expensive, order off the Southern Thai back page of the menu, there are posts here on it.