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Apr 21, 2008 06:10 PM

Silver Decoy Winery, Robbinsville or E. Windsor, NJ

Has anyone tried any of their wines? I passed by it the other day & would like to go for a weekend tasting, but wanted some opinions beforehand. I love reds, whites don't usually mix well with me.

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  1. Don't get your hopes up on this one. We live pretty close to hear, and it is what it is. Typical NJ/PA wines, specializing in fruit wines harvested from sources in California or wherever the fruit varietal is prominent. Yes, they do grow some of their own fruit there, but who knows how much of it is used for their wine.

    They actually made a wine for the maintenance squadron out at McGuire AFB that had a picture of one of our KC-10's on the label.

    From what I heard, Silver Decoy is currently for sale. Cream Ridge is pretty close to there, and is much of the same.

    Sure, it's fun to stop by and check out a local winery, but don't expect much. And don't let a guilty conscience guilt you into buying more wine that you don't plan on drinking.

    Just my 2 yen. -mJ

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      Thanks for the input. I've tried Hopewell Valley Winery & like them (Barbera, Cabernet). I am going to try Tomasello's wines, which are sold at Wemrocks in Freehold. My son plays ball right near Silver Decoy, so figured I'd try them. They do have a free tasting on the weekend, so I'll go to that & see for myself. I'll admit I'm into the "local" wineries lately.