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Apr 21, 2008 05:58 PM

Good Pizza in Vegas... does it exist?

So I am a Vegas local and I have yet to find a pizza place that satisfies my deepest pizza desires. I think that good pizza may be the one good thing Vegas is missing... but i would LOVE for you guys to prove me wrong. So let me have it! Please help me be wrong! :D

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  1. I'd suggest Settebello, with the caveat that its pizza is very different from most American varieties. The crust is the star: chewy and crisp at the same time, with excellent flavor. Toppings are applied very sparingly - so sparingly that some folks find it disappointing. For a couple of additional details, see my review at .

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      thanks... so it kinda seems like a place for really good pizza flavored bread??

      1. re: katie_ladie

        Much better than that. These are traditional Neapolitan style pizza's, so the crust is indeed the star. But the focus with the toppings is on quality rather than quantity. You can actually taste the fruitiness of the olive oil, the freshness of the basil and any vegetables (the roasted mushrooms and onions are a treat compared to usual pizzeria fare), and the meats are of a high quality, many coming from Armandino's Salumi in Seattle. So what you get is a product in which you can appreciate the flavors, instead of a "gloppy" mess (which, unfortunately, has been an industry way to hide cheap ingredients among the chain shops). Definitely worth a try.

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            Broadway Pizza on Rancho between Charleston and Alta.

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        I am also a Vegas local. I like Metro Pizza, as one who makes his own pizza I think this is very good. They have three locations, Horizon and Stephanie in Henderson: Inside Ellis Island Casino, and one on Tropicanna but it is pretty far out from the strip. The restaurant is usually very crowed from 6PM on but the pizza is worth the wait.

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          Grimaldi's or NY Pizza and Pasta for NY-style pie. Amore on Durango for Chicago.

        2. Settebello is definitely good. I think they do a good job at the Napoli style pizza. Not as good as PB in PHX but equally special.

          But when I'm in the mood for NY style pizza I go to East Coast Pizza in the Boca Park shopping center in Summerlin. Make sure to get the garlic knots with your cheese pie ( I'm a big believer in the "basics" ). Really good stuff. Back East Pizza on Village Center Circle is also an equal choice for good NY style pizza. Both are very similar and won't disappoint.

          1. Mama DePalma's on Silverado Ranch and Maryland Parkway is quite good, but the little gem I love is called Lefty's Pizza, on Pyle and Bermuda. Every pizza i've gotten from them has been molten hot, very thin and crispy crust. Of course living 2 blocks away from them can't hurt!

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              Anyone who likes NY style should pay a visit to Grimaldi's on Eastern.

            2. These all sound awesome!!! I wish they were a little bit closer to me but I really appreciate the fact that they exist! :D

              1. Another vote for Settebello. And I was as impressed by the salad as the pizza.

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                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  Settebello is fantastic. Their special pizza each week is usually worth getting, and I concur with Dave on the salads. The insalata grande is one of my favorites.