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Apr 21, 2008 05:34 PM

The Mission Downtown SD

I gave the Mission one last chance - this time my first at the East village victorian location, I was slightly surprised.

I had not had the French toast here - so despite what I have said in the past - if you go here - you are safe with this. Texturally spot on - crisp crust, almost custard like interior with a wonderful cinnamon, eggy, and caramel flavor throughout.

The mimosas were thin oj tinted glasses of champagne - which is usually fine by me :^) but the harshness of the poor quality sparkling wine kinde of detracted.

I swear youd think that bannanas were like truffles though still in those pancakes. Better than last time in amount but they could throw a few more in. I love the sweet cooked bannana and blueberry - thats the best part.

I think I like this location a lot better than the "sitting on top of each other" NP and OB sites.

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  1. Ah, but not so safe, KR. The last time I had the French toast at the NP location, it was burned. I kid you not, it was not darkly toasted, it was black.

    1. The Mission is alright but what's with their coffee? Truly the worst cup of joe I've had in forever. Thought it was maybe a bad barista here and there, but it's been consistent. Is it just me? For far superior chow of the kind served by the Mission, check out Naked Cafe on Midway/Rosecrans. Excellent food, daily specials, and 100% kona coffee served in your own french press.