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Apr 21, 2008 05:30 PM


Would appreciate comments---have been told it is "quintessential" New Orleans experience

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  1. It is. Coat required. Classic food that is still well executed. Nothing forward thinking about the food, but it is good. Dining room is classic. Waitor's are classic, etc. etc. It's a must do.

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      The most accommodating rest./waitstaff in town. Just ask. For the truly quintessential NO experience, have Friday lunch. BTW, jackets aren't required at lunch and shorts are never allowed.

    2. Lots said about it on this message board. I encourage you to search "Galatoire's" and see for yourself. I love it, some don't quite get what the fuss is about, but very few people have a truly negative experience here. It is one of the most consistent restaurants in the city, and more. It's a full-scale cultural experience.

      1. Which waiter should I request at Galatoire's?

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          It depends on which day of the week you visit the restaurant.
          Here's my list, ranked with the best first.