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Apr 21, 2008 04:48 PM

Parc aux Cerfs or Mon Vieil Ami?

I am planning a Sunday night dinner in Paris, and it seems these two are the best options open (another Chowhounder said Clos Des Gourmets is closed). Which of these would be best in terms of warm ambiance, food, and best value for money overall? Thanks.

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  1. It's probably unfair of me to respond, as I'm only familiar with half of the options :o) -- but even knowing little of the Parc aux Cerfs, I'd still plump for Mon Vieil Ami. We had a superb Sunday lunch there in February; it's currently my yardstick against which all restaurant experiences are measured (and, to date, found wanting). You can find my full report here:

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      I feel the same -- haven't been to le Parc aux Cerfs but Mon Vieil Ami is highly recommended.

    2. Like Kelly, I've only been to the one and would say that you can't miss by dining at "My Old Friend." We speak essentially no French and try to wing it without English menus. By mistake we ordered the warm salad thinking it was a side...couldn't finish our main dish, but what a great experience! The food was extremely good. I took a shot at the wine list without help and pulled in a winner there, too! I think the bill was 90EUR for two at lunch including the 29EUR half bottle of wine.

      1. Do you have a website for Mon Vieil Ami?

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