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Apr 21, 2008 04:15 PM

Lunch around central Paris

Looking for delicious places to eat lunch anywhere around central Paris (will travel and food is the focus of my trip). Prefer prices to be at the lower end. Especially interested in: authentic/ interesting dining options and avoiding tourist traps. Thanks!

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  1. What do you consider 'central'?

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    1. Hmmm...people are going to suggest that falafel place on rue des Rosiers...but since you can't afford lunch at les Ambassadeurs at the hotel de Crillon, go around the corner and have a crepe at le Bateau Ivre, 4, rue Surène. 3 course 13 euro lunch--Michel Drucker's staff eats there. (he's the Johnny Carson of France, as we were told countless times.) Have the cidre with lunch.

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        Merci, that's great, any other local favorites? Any more information on the falafel place? (name, general location)

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          l'As du Falafel--it's been written up in the NY Times, so it's not exactly a hidden find. 34, rue des Rosiers. Our French friends actually prefer the place across the street, because you can sit down. If you are at place Bastille, Cafe des Phares, 7 place Bastille, has a reasonable lunch menu--we paid under 15 euro for a 3 course lunch that included a very nice piece of duck, and a choice of desserts. It is referred to as a philocafé, where you might hear people discussing existentialism--and they still smoke Gauloises outside. We were having lunch with somebody who works at the Banque de France (next door), so the conversation was a little more down to earth.