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Apr 21, 2008 03:57 PM

Quick, Good Food Near Ahmanson?

Anyone have a suggestion for some good food one can grab rather quickly near the Ahmanson?

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  1. There's always Phillipe's near Union Station. It should quieter than at lunch time. I have eateb there before going to a concert at the Dorothy Chandler. Best French Dip sandwiches on the planet. And the potato salad is great. It has a surprisingly good wine list considering its 30's Depression Era atmosphere..

    1. Mendocino Farms at cal plaza. Not sure how late they're open. Very good sandwiches.

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      1. re: slacker

        Thanks for the recommendations. Have been to Philipe's before and agree that the French Dip sandwiches are "the bomb". I'll make sure to check out Mendocino Farms next time. How is the parking there?

        1. re: FamishedLady

          MF is only open until about 3:00 p.m. It's in the California Plaza office complex @ 3rd & Grand, so the parking is no good. You could get lucky with a metered spot on the street; otherwise, you'd have to park in the office garage, and I'm not sure if they validate. I think you need to enter the parking garage from Olive.

          1. re: Jack Flash

            Thanks Jack. MF will not work then as this would be a quick bite before the evening performance.

      2. There is a CPK at the Wells Fargo Center. I've grabbed some pizzas and salads there and taken them to the Music Center for a picnic. I know it's just CPK, but I still think it is superior to anything at the Music Center itself.

        Depending on how you are coming to downtown, there are plenty of taco places in the vicinity. From the west, you could stop at El Taurino, El Parian, or King Taco if coming along Olympic or Pico. From the east, on Cesar Chaez, there is a King Taco and Los Five Puntos. From the north is Carnitas Michoacan and all the places on York.

        Depending on what time you could get there, not far from Phillipe's is Family Pastry. I think it closes around 6 pm, but you could get some assorted dim sum. I'm not sure what the selection and quality of the dim sum would be at that hour, though, since I normally go very early.

        Spring Street Smokehouse is in that area, too, if you wanted to grab some barbecue.

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        1. re: Jwsel

          Thanks Jwsel. The thought of CPK is...distressing but the taco idea may work. My husband and I usually go to the Ahmanson straight after work with no time for "real dinner". Grabbing tacos and eating them there would work.