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Apr 21, 2008 03:54 PM

Madrid Dinner Suggestion - Not Tapas

We have been in Madrid for a few days now and have loved the food ... but we are looking for a place to have an actual dinner and not just tapas (while delicious would like something more substantial). Any cusine is acceptable. We both love the experience of dinner ... a long non-rushed meal. We are staying near Puerto del Sol but are willing to walk (probably less than two miles but we will cab for great food. Would appreciate any suggestions. We leave Wednesday so quick responses would be ideal.
Thanks, Sam

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  1. Arce, Sacha, Viridiana for modern Spanish, El Ventorillo Murciano for rice and paella, Asador Ansorene for Castillian roast, Combarro for the best seafood, Marisqueria La Paloma for inexpensive fish, Casa Lucio for traditional Spanish

    1. I'm a big fan of Paulino. There are two restaurants and both are great. For a calmer atmosphere, less rushed, try the larger one near the Quevedo subway station. It is on Calle Jordan and a quick taxi ride from Sol. If you feel like walking, go straight up Calle Fuencarral. I would call Paulino "modern Spanish food".

      1. In addition to the other recommendations, you may be interested in a steak. If so Asador Fronton is good (no potatoes served though).

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          Hi. Don't know if this will get to you on time.

          As a long time Madrid resident (40+ years) and a chef/restaurant owner, I would steer you to Repanocha in Cardenal Cisneros. Phone 914456799. Don't know the street number. Only six tables so reserve. I have always had wonderful food there in a great friendly atmosphere with really professional service. Not bad on prices either.

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            The food is indeed exquisite at Repanocha. Street number is 76, Quevedo subway stop.

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              Many thanks for the Repanocha recommendation. BTW, the address is calle Cardenal Cisneros, 80. It was wonderful. It was just what you said it was. We were delighted with the food, wine and very reasonable prices and friendliness of the proprietors. We will definitely suggest this to our friends from San Francisco Also, we need a restaurant for Gran Canaria Las Palmas this weekend. Any suggestions?

          2. Hey, Sam, I'm an American living in Barcelona and I stay occasionally in Madrid for work. Based on what you say, you could choose one of the top-rated Basque or Galician restaurants because those chefs are renowned through Spain. Look it up on the internet. Madrilenyos will do anything for perfect seafood and no one does it like the Basques or Galicians. You're going to pay big time for that though. However, I am a total sucker for Restaurante Hylogui (3 Calle Ventura de la Vega) and I go there every chance I get for lunch. (Call about dinner). Why? You can't get more authentic then them. Unpretentious, simple, great lunch fare that the locals die for. Order the "Sopa Castellana" it only has egg, chorizo, garlic and bread...but the flavor balances are superb. Good eating!