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Apr 21, 2008 03:42 PM

Strategic Eating

Hey foodies

Do you plan in your mind how you are going to eat something? For instance, when I eat Apple Pie a la mode, I'd like a handsome forkful of the bottom and top crusts, with a juicy apple wedge sandwiched in between, and dolloped with marble sized portion of vanilla ice cream before I devour it. It's a bit obsessive compulsive, but IMO the layering of flavours just makes an item taste that much better. So tell me, what one item/ dish must you eat in a specific manner?

Thanks for sharing :)

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  1. I generally eat so that the last bite will be the best one and the biggest. If I have multiple items or dishes, I usually eat them one at a time, rather than taking a bite here and a bite there.

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      Same here. One weird one, though, is anything with phyllo dough. Doesn't matter if it's spinach pie or baklava, I always eat layer by layer, from the top down.

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        Funny I eat EVERY meal like this. People think I am The normal order is veggies, then meat, then rice, spuds or whatever carb I have on my plate at the time

      2. I am always trying for the one perfect bite for each plate. Sometimes that means a combination of things - tiny bits of turkey, dressing (not stuffing! dressing!), mashed potatoes, and cranberries on a fork on Thanksgiving, for example. Other times, the perfect bite is just the nicest chunk of apple from the pie, or the most perfectly browned bit from the topping on the cobbler.

        My husband thinks this habit is weird.

        1. if i have fresh tomato with an omelette i have to have a piece with every bite.

          1. Poached eggs on toast - have to have some yolk, some white, some toast, and some HP sauce in every bite.

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              most definitely Kevin. Fortunately HP sauce is available at the British section of my local supermarket in Florida.

              Maltesers - I suck off the chocolate in my mouth then let the malty stuff dissolve.

            2. fruit salad. avoid mandarin oranges at all costs until there is nothing but them left, then eat them all as quickly as possible.