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Apr 21, 2008 03:30 PM

Tastee Freez

do we still have them somewhere in the LA area?

not to be confused with Foster's Freeze, or Dairy Queen.

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  1. The only one's I could find were in Covina, Newport Beach and Pomona. Do a search on MSN Yellow pages for the addresses.

    1. There's Tastee Freez at the Wienerschnitzel in Burbank (and beer!)

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        just notice that the soft serves and dairy side of the tastee freez's are served up at a whole bunch of wienershitnzels around the county great to know.

        1. I grew up with a Tastee Freez one block from our house in Portland, OR. I noticed there are still some original restaurants around the country. I'd love to see if the Big Tee burger still tastes how I remember! I see the desert menu offered at some Weinerschnitzel's around the country.