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Apr 21, 2008 03:13 PM

Saigon Cafe

One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants was Saigon Cafe on Highland St. in Clarendon. They've been gone for a few years. Today, the friend who introduced me to the restaurant informed me that he believes they moved rather than closed. He did not know their new location, so I'm appealing to local Hounds--has anybody seen Cafe Saigon recently?

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  1. I also have long thought that Cafe Saigon was one of the best restaurants in the area.

    For most of its existence, Cafe Saigon had the exact same menu as Nam Viet, a mere block and a half away. Which came first, I don't know. The three main sauces were all put together by Mr. Toy, the founder and grandfather of the operation, which he personally delivered to each location everyday. But the execution was invariably better at Cafe Saigon.

    Then there came a time when having two locations so near each other no longer made enough sense, so the operation was turned over to someone else (a family mamber?), the menu changed, and it didn't take long for that operation to fail, so Mr. Toy once again took over the location, although by then two or three other Nam Viets had already popped up elsewhere. Eventually, they left the space completely, and now it is the Delhi Club.

    So the real answer to your question is that the restaurant still exists as Nam Viet. Some of the recipes have long since changed (to the Vietnamese steak now they add potatoes and have taken away some peppers.), but it is essentially the same as Cafe Saigon. Though I still believe that Cafe Saigon was always the best iteration. Please see link below from my 2003 post:

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      Thanks for the info. I've been to Nam Viet once, and it wasn't a stand-out.

    2. There is a Saigon Cafe in Sterling off Route 7....