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Tres Leches Cake

I was hoping to have a tres leches cake at a party we are having in a couple of weeks. Anyone know of any bakerys or restaurants that make a really good one? We are near downtown so the closer to there the better. Thanks!

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  1. Porto's make a great tres leches cake. Original location is in Glendale and a newer branch in Burbank

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      1. The bakeries at most Vallarta supermarkets do a good job.

        1. I honestly can't say enough good things about the Porto's tres leches cake, it's sooo deliciously evil!!!

          1. Gulfstream Restaurant in Newport Beach (and I assume also in Century City) serve a killer TL cake!

            1. I know this is an odd suggestion, but the pastry chef at the downtown restaurant Ciudad makes a unbelievably good tres leches with mango sauce, and, if you call in advance, they'll sell you a whole cake. This option is likely to be more expensive than some others, but it's really, really good, and it's very convenient to downtown. (You could even try a slice to see if you like it before you order.) I love Porto's, but their tlc is on the sweet side for me.

              445 S Figueroa St Ste 100, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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                I second this rec, only because I've had the tres leches at Border Grill (it's served with prickly pear and passion fruit syrups there) many times, and it's probably the same recipe. I think a whole cake will run you about $40.

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                  I have heard their tres leches is very good. Although, I did buy a Portos Tres Leches and the cake is very dry. I bought the one with meringue topping and I don't recommend that one. Try the one with the original whipped top. Maybe you'll have better luck :)

              2. Surprisingly, Pavillion's at Melrose/Vine makes a very good Tres Leches, and they sell it by the slice in the cake fridge section as ell as whole cakes (slice is 2.99 or less, and the whole thing is 16 bucks), so you might try it to see how you like it.

                1. Apparently, Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown makes a tres leches cake. Haven't tried it yet, but planning to soon. I hope it's like their strawberry + whipped cream cake...to-die-for.

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                    Used to love Phoenix, the last time I got the strawberry cake, it was not as good, and the tres leches was so so, sorry to report.

                  2. i know it's not downtown - but grand casino bakery on main street in culver city (b/w venice and culver) is owned by an argentinian family and has great tres leches cake.

                    1. Continental Bakery at Normandie and Third in the shopping center on the Northeast side of the intersection makes an AWESOME tres leches cake. We used to order them for our kids' birthdays and for churchy events. There was NEVER any leftovers [damned annoying actually!]. Typically, you can walk in and get a round standard size cake but you can order full sheets, half sheets and quarter sheets. Cost was always very reasonable.