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Apr 21, 2008 03:08 PM

Saints & Sinners - Woodside

Anyone have a review?

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  1. It's a nice comfy spot with decent food. I've had the burger, which isn't quite Donovan's but isn't bad at all. I've also had a pretty nice piece of salmon and some OK fish and chips. But it's really a slightly upscale Irish bar (although not so upscale that you can't see the Mets game on half a dozen TVs) and not a destination for food.

    1. The food is good there. Basic Irish pub fare. I really like their steak sandwich. No complaints about the food, but the service is slow. Takes forever to get your order, even if there is no one in there.

      1. I concur with both Al and Deborah. Definitely not an eating destination by any stretch, but they do a good job with Irish pub fare (burger, steak sandwich, fish and chips, etc; have not tried the breakfast or the more gastro-pubby fare), and more importantly pull a good Guinness. A decent place to have a drink, but the big square bar in the dead center of the place makes it feel a bit claustrophobic after a while.

        Nearby alternatives:
        Donovan's: For their famous and brilliant burger, good stuffed clams and French Onion soup, other fare is dodgy. Older crowd.
        Cuckoo's Nest: Somewhat better pub food than S&S, they also keep the kitchen open later and have (IMO) more congenial ambiance.

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          Nice selection of ciders and beers - it's a pleasant place to spend a night, although they do tend to have live music a lot. I think there's a karaoke night, too. There's a decent taco truck a few blocks east on Roosevelt if I remember correctly ...

          1. re: elbev

            I've heard McGuires has good food as well. The Nest has good atmosphere, but I don't really care for their food, outside of the brunch on the weekends (11-3). I've only eaten there a couple of times but once the chicken tenders were bone dry and next time I think I ordered a burger and the bun was soaked with grease. I cannot say enough good things about the breakfast, though.

            The Nest also has a much better bar set up than S&S. When it 's nice out, they open up the whole front of the place so all the fresh air comes in. Ah, summer.. :)

            1. re: deborah24

              Tried the salads and grilled chicken....Not very good. Ill be back to try the burger. Any other recs here?

              1. re: fcara

                No, I stopped eating there unless it's breakfast after my plate of grease. General consensus with my friends around here is that the food is terrible. The place is usually pretty busy around meal times so someone must like the food.

                1. re: deborah24

                  I think they like the Guinness even more. Goodness knows I do. Food is a nice side dish.

                  1. re: Woodside Al

                    Good point. Although I usually stick to the Dugout or the Starting Gate, where you can just bring whatever you want to eat in and the bartenders aren't distracted by food orders. ;-)

                    Sri takeout and cold beer at the Dugout. Love it.