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Apr 21, 2008 02:53 PM

Lunch and nice dinner in/near Kingston?

My boyfriend and I are going up to Kingston, NY, for a night in a B&B next week. We're celebrating both of our birthdays so I was looking for a good, somewhat nice (though not ridiculously expensive) place for dinner on a Monday, and then maybe a good local place for lunch. Thanks for any help!

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  1. The Reservoir Inn in West Hurley is about 6 miles from Kingston. Don't be fooled by the pizza on the menu, the regular menu and daily specials are very good. Also Miss Lucy's Kitchen in Saugerties and New World Home Cooking in West Saugerties are both very good. All are close to Kingston and worth the drive. I live in Kingston but haven't found a restaurant in the city I like as much as these three.

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      I should mention Ship To Shore in Kingston. It's in a great location on the Rondout. Search these boards for reviews, I haven't been there in awhile so can't really comment. Here is a link.

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        Hickory BBQ has nice lunch menu, they are five minutes from town and a deck - or if you want to stay in Kingston, try the Hoffman House.

      2. We occassionally go to Kingston and two of the restaurants that we like alot are the Hillside Manor on Rt 32 and Le Canard Enchaine on Fair Street. The Hillside Manor is not pretentious, but has good food.

        1. In Kingston itself:
          Le Canard- good and occasionally great classic French.

          Ship to Shore- good but somewhat over priced creative american.

          Elephant- this place is fairly new and is currently my favorite place to eat in Kingston. It is more of a tapas and wine bar then a sit down restaurant but it is a great place to go if you enjoy tasting lots of different things and the prices are very reasonable. I eat here weekly have not been disappointed yet.

          Woodstock/Saugerties area
          New World Home Cooking - Very interesting place with good food. This used to be one of my favorites in the Hudson valley but I feel like it has lost a step on the creative side.

          The Red Onion- Probably my favorite restaurant in Ulster county.

          Bear Cafe- Great space, great food but on the pricey side.

          Little Bear- Next door to the Big Bear with an equaly awesome setting and really, really good Chinese food.

          All of the Woodstock area places are within 20 minutes of Kingston and it is a nice ride up Rte. 28.

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            elephant is absolutely wonderful, but i don't believe they're open on monday evenings. went a couple weeks ago again with a friend, had 6 or 8 dishes, i forget which? gorgonzola dates with bacon, pork belly and oyster? or clam,
            snail toast (the only one i didn't care for, but my friend loved) a meats/cheese combo of jamon serrano, manchego and another meat, and a couple other dishes. wonderful service (thanks maya!), great food and drink. wish i lived closer - it's lower east side nyc. whether that's good or not is up to you.

            i like new world as well, totally different stuff.

            if it wasn't a monday, i'd reco armadillo's for the tex-mex, but i think they're closed then as well.

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              Armadillo is closed Monday unfortunately. They do offer some good Tex-Mex though.

              Not sure of Elephant's hours. That would be my first choice if they are open.

          2. I've had some wonderful meals at Ship to Shore and Le Canard, if you want to stay in Kingston.I love the Bywater Bistro, in Rosendale, a few miles south of Kingston. It looks like rain for this weekend, but they have a nice small backyard garden with seating,or a stroll after dinner. There have been several very nice places suggested. It depends if you want to stay close to the B&B , or if you plan to explore the area, what direction you want to head.

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              My husband and I went to Bywater Bistro during Hudson Valley Restaurant week and found it to be a charming place with satfisying food -- as a vegatarian I had the Asian dumplings and a tofu dish which was pleasant. The back garden was closed due to weather, but it seems that it would be a lovely place to relax. I think there's a lunch spot near the Motor Vehicle in uptown Kingston. It's a small place whose name escapes me -- anybody out there know? Or else for lunch on Monday, what about the Little Bear in Woodstock? It's a Chinese place with a great streamside setting. If you want funky and healthy while in Woodstock, there's Elijah's Cafe near Dharma Ware -- you have to wait for the food to be freshly made, but it's a nice spot. I also like lunch at Joshua's on Tinker Street -- middle eastern. It's a treat for us displaced New Yorkers who miss our ethnic food.

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                if you want healthy / funky / veggie, i would head to rosendale cafe about a million times before elijah's. i want to like elijah's, but it just doesn't do it for me. i don't think the food's all that good. they seem to rely more on their quirkiness than anything else. the lemonade is decent, though.
                i really enjoy joshua's and would go weekly if they could do something about the atmosphere. it just isn't the type of place i want to sit and eat. i find the atmosphere really weird and unappealing.
                new world is a perennial favorite. the food never disappoints (okay, sometimes the bread does, but it's bread from bread alone, which is only sometimes decent).
                for very casual, you could try gypsy wolf cantina. mexican a step above the usual. they at least have black beans and a sense of humor.

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                  You're thinking of Solstice in Kingston near the Motor Vehicle dept. I think the owner/main chef's name is Jordan, and he's great! Watching him make breakfast in a tiny lunch counter place is fun to watch, sit at the counter and enjoy the show.

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                  We're definitely not averse to exploring the area a bit! Thanks so much to everyone for all these great recommendations.

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                    Do the red onion, great food, great ambience, great service, great wine....we love it there and travel an hour to partake...

                3. Stella's on North Front St is a nice Italian place in Kingston. Note that Little Bear was closed for renovations recently and Elijah's is also closed -- I think they are moving. Little Bear might be open by now.

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                    You should try Violette Restaurant ( in Woodstock. Great food...great atmosphere. They have a really nice patio for the summer, too!