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Apr 21, 2008 02:41 PM

Yet another Steakhouse query post...

After doing some searches on this forum, I've come to you hounds for some help...

A birthday dinner for the BF-he's going to be 36. We've been to Boa (WeHo), the Lodge, Ruth's Chris', a place in Pasadena that has a country/cowboy theme, the Grill, Pane + Vino, and Taylor's. I would like to try something new. Cut is out of my league as far as expenses go, and I suspect that Mastro's is as well (but there aren't any prices are on the internet menu). Arroyo Chop House is a little far-we're in West Hollywood, but downtown is reasonable.

A friend suggested BLT (she and her husband raved about it), but a lot of you hounds didn't like it. As well as STK.

I was looking at the Dakota, because that is the kind of atmosphere that he likes (as well as Boa + the Lounge). Perhaps Jar?

I thank you for you thoughts (yet again!) and comments.

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  1. If you have been to Ruth Chris', then Mastro's would be in that price range. That would seem to be your best choice.

    1. True that Cut and Mastro's take the already expensive steakhouse to even higher levels. (Note, when the restaurant webpage does not include prices, a huge peeve of mine, you can sometimes find them on the menus at None of the other restaurants you have mentioned is moderately priced, with perhaps the exception of Taylor's which has gone up as well...

      Jar is great, but the meat item they are best known for is the braised shortrib, not necessarily the steaks. Have you thought about Dan Tana's or Musso & Frank's? If topnotch prime rib will do, Lawry's can be a trip. Have you considered a meat blowout at Fogo de Chao (price is up there, but pretty all-inclusive rather than a la carte) or the newer, much less expensive place on Venice in Culver City (Brasil something, or something Brasil -- many good reviews when it opened about six months or so ago)? Would Korean BBQ be a good change?

      Oh, the best answer may be Morton's, downtown. They were offering a deal that was well-regarded on this board of two filets plus appetizers, salads, sides, all for $99 per couple. Don't remember if you needed a coupon (don't think so) and whether you could sub in another cut for a surcharge, but it certainly might be worth a phone call.

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      1. re: nosh

        You do need the coupon, it said you must bring it with you. One can get had by filling out info on their website

        I've never been to Morton's - does this work out to be a good deal? I know sometimes the items that are included on a coupon like this don't work out to be much of a savings and you are locked into the items they offer

      2. How about Park's for Korean BBQ?

        Looks like you've done every notable American steak joint (with the exception of Cut), so why not go global?

        Park's has a sublime Kobe-style prime beef as well as that luscious Pork X, if you want to stray from pure red meat.

        Park's Barbecue
        955 S. Vermont Ave.
        (213) 380-1717

        Park's BBQ
        955 S. Vermont Ave, Suite G, Los Angeles, CA 90006

        1. I like Ipsedixit's call for Park's to take it in a new direction.

          That said, I'll support the idea of Jar. The atmosphere is what I'd call opulent '70's rompus room and yet it works. The food is fantastic and the sides can actually steal the show. It's not Cut in that it isn't a beef emporium of the highest and most magnificent order. It is however a great place to get a wonderful steak or chop or braise and all of them are better than what you'd get at Musso & Frank's (although I just adore that place and you really should go there soon). Although Jar gets much praise for it's short rib (and not enough for it's braised pork shank), they will make you a wonderful steak and a perfect lobster bernaise to go with it if you like. And where else can you get a Okinawan purple yam with creme fraiche as accompaniment.

          Another place in the Musso and Frank's vein that you should hit up just for the LA history is Pacific Dining Car in downtown. Not your best steak but kind of fabulous nonetheless.

          Personally, I don't like Brazillian churrascarias because I think they overseason the meat and you lose a lot of what's so great about high quality beef (this is from the guy who could guzzle a bottle of soy sauce).

          So, for what it's worth:

          Park's BBQ
          Musso & Frank's/PDC

          would be the order I'd go with.

          1. Mastro's is not as expensive as Cut but it's up there. BLT and STK are both similarly priced. I am a huge proponent of Mastro's so I would splurge because you get the best.

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            1. re: ExtraCheesePlease

              Parks' BBQ is going to be definitely a destination-our favorite Korean BBQ place is on Olympic + 4th, 1 block away from the Olympic Spa (no English name appears anywhere). But not for this.

              I will present to him Mastro's, Morton's and Jar, and then he can make the choice.

              Many thanks, hounds! I respect your tastebuds!