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Apr 21, 2008 02:37 PM


Is there anything but mediocre restaurants in Wilton? There's 1 left to try -
Luca, I believe, but apart from that, it's kind of a devoid area, isn't it?

Oh, and I wouldn't put the Schoolhouse in Cannondale in the Wilton category - it's
Cannondale. :-) And, what a lovely little place that was!

Anyway, was looking forward to dining at Sky Bar once I heard it was the same
owner and menu of a place I like very much in Danbury called Spasi's.

Well, it turned out to be just o.k. - goat cheese and sundried tomato phyllo
dough appetizer was good, not good enough to scream about, but good while the
rest of the offerings were simply mediocre. And, the wine list kind boring. Same old, same old.

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  1. it's not a restaurant but more of a lunch spot, but my favorite in Wilton is Soup Alley. I went to Luca once and it was very good. The place called Mediterranean or something is mediocre at best.

    1. I wonder if Luca is related to a Luca I just went to in Somers, NY. It wasn't very good, I'm afraid. But no idea if they are related or if I just didn't order well.

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        We went to Luca in Wilton maybe 5 years ago. It was okay italian, not great. We never returned so I guess that speaks for it. Mediterraneo used to be really good, but we stopped going there a long time a go as well. But if Wilton only has one good restaurant and it's the Schoolhouse, that's enough for me!

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          I believe the one in Somers is Luce, not Luca. I don't think it's any relation to anything in Wilton. I haven't been to Luce in a good year or two, but I used to like it.

        2. In no particular order. Some of these I have not eaten at for a while!
          Mediterraneaan Grill
          Eric & Michael Steak House
          School House in Cannondale is the best!

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            Eric and Michael's has been closed for some time. A new restaurant called Marly's opened at that location recently. Anybody been?

          2. The best new restaurant in Wilton is Marley's, located where Eric and Micheal's used to be. The menu is often refreshed with some wonderful choices and the overall quality of the food and the service is hard to beat...even at NYC standards. Luca has wonderful food but is insanely overpriced with and unjustified 'attitude' from the staff. Leah's Grill (formerly Sky Bar) is so not worth a visit. Went there last night to see if anything has changed (other than the name) and sadly, the place is still serving bad food with indifferent service.

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              Dinner at Marly's last night...

              The place was PACKED (was glad we'd made a reservation) and the bar was hopping. An interesting mix of families versus tables with no kids and a wide range of age groups and events (everything from first dates to office mates to us...a girls-night-out for the soccer mom set). Dinner was good. Can't say it was great. Reading the Best CT Burger thread earlier in the day put me in the mood, so I had the French onion burger: caramalized onions and gruyere cheese. It was tasty but so sloppy! The bun completely fell apart by the third bite. Fries were only okay - a little greasy for my taste. One friend ordered the Thai Shrimp Spring Rolls and Asian Vegetable Pot Stickers (an appetizer) as a main dish. She complained that they were very salty. Another ordered the Crispy Eggplant Sandwich and said it was okay but left half of it on her plate. The friend who ordered the Orrechiette with Italian Sausage loved her dish. I didn't taste it so can't comment. We did have fun with the S'mores dessert at the table, but it hardly qualifies as gourmet food!

              I will say that we had a terrific of our friends was 30 minutes late to dinner. The staff didn't hassle us about it. We waited for her to arrive before we ordered. We were at the table for four hours without anyone making us feel as if we should pack up and leave.

              I won't rush....but I would return.

            2. I've been to Luca twice.....Nice crowd, classy, small room, attentive staff, fully priced, and ultimately, the food's kind of a letdown. Not a bad choice if you are starving to death and are 3 minutes away.