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Apr 21, 2008 02:31 PM

Mojave Grill ~ Westfield

I had such a great lunch today with my husband here. So delish! I have to share. I had grilled shrimp quesadillas and my husband had the chciken quesadillas. I know, so simple, and I make them at home a lot, but this place did a really great job. A great salad came on the side with such a tasty lime dressing. Both our quesadillas ere so fresh a boosting great flavor. Click on the link and look at the menu. Great southwestern place. I will definately go back. All the numerous times we walked or drove right by the place, and I never eat there!! I did not know what I was missing!!

It is a BYOB. Wish the place was closer to home, but it was a great afternnon to walk arround anyway.

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  1. We live in the area, and this is the place my hubby and I go to for consitently good relatively inexpensive food. Our favorite is the tuna appetizer (ceviche, I believe) and the corn tamales for main dish. We love it!

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      njfoodiegirl, is that ceviche large enough to split for an appy? I hate having too much and feeling full before my entree gets there.

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        Sorry, shopgirl, I took a little break from posting. Duty calls! I have 2 small children and perusing this site is a luxury!

        I often split the ceviche with DH and have a salad for an entree. I'm on Weight Watchers and that fills me up without feeling too full. If I'm splurging, I get the tamales. Delicious!