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Apr 21, 2008 02:19 PM

Burbank - 1 night

East Coaster will be in Burbank for 1 night (next Monday). Where should I eat? I want a place where I can sit at a bar and eat some really good flavorful food. I'm not worried about cost, but will be by myself. Type of food: Italian, steak, seafood, cali, - pretty much anything.

Any info on hotels? Especially which ones to stay away from would be helpful.


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  1. What part of Burbank are you staying in? Will you have a car?

    I recommend Timmy Nolan's - big screen TVs, and excellent food. The fish and chips are battered right there, good burgers. the chicken sandwiches are good, never had bad food there.

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      I will be at Hotel Amarano and I will have a car. Nolan's looks like a good place to hang out for an evening. Thanks.

      1. How about something like this?

        One caveat. I have not been personally but my brother (whose dining sensibility is pretty closely aligned with mine) did sample some of the dishes and reported favorably.

        Hmm, just looked their web site over in more detail and noticed that they have some verbiage on their about being open on Sunday and Monday only for "special events" so it sounds like this won't work for your Monday dinner. Sorry about that.