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Apr 21, 2008 01:51 PM

denver dining

I'm going to be traveling through Denver CO on my way out of Salt Lake City and was wondering if anyone knew of any real small, diner type restaurants with interesting food that might be a good pit stop on my way through the city. There are centainly tons of great places to go- I just need some help finding some! Thanks!

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  1. Krisaus,

    Might want to post in the Southwest Board, as that is where both Denver and SLC are located.

    For your trip, I've been thinking, but have not come up with anything worthwhile, or current. We usually headed south out of Denver towards the San Juan Mountains, so they would be off your route. There is/was a great Mexican spot, just over the RR tracks (Rio Grand & Santa Fe) in Grand Junction. However, I do not recall the name, but it was JUST across the tracks. Parking lot was next to the RR.