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Apr 21, 2008 01:50 PM

Manchester, VT Recs Please

My wife along with her sister and mother will be visiting Manchester, VT over Mother's Day weekend. I am hoping to get some advice on dinner for them. They are staying at the Manchester View and would like to dine close by (in case they have a Cosomopolitan or two....). I think the Sirloin Saloon is nearby but am unsure how that is these days (I used to manage another location 10 years ago). Thye may also be interested in a lunch spot on Saturday but will likely eat at the Inn on Sunday as it is Mother's Day and they will be heading out early.

Thanks to my fellow Vermont Hounds down south a bit !

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  1. I'm from the New Jersey shore and visit Manchester, Vt at least twice a year. My husband and I have not been pleased with The Sirloin Saloon. It was pretty good years ago, however, we think it is not as good now (only our opinion). My favorite dining spot is The Perfect Wife. We have had dinner in the downstairs restaurant and also, the upstairs tavern. The food has always been good and always good service. If you want another casual spot, try Maxwell's Flat Road Grill....

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      Thanks vtt7. Not a lot of responses from that area. The Perfect Wife may be the choice (plus I can earn some points, "It would be perfect for the three of you as they most of had you in mind when they named it" !). Ah yes, the art of sucking up.................

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        If you decide to go, be sure to call and check on reservations. Please report back to the board if you have a chance.

        Happy Eating

    2. Perfect Wife is good. I would also recommend taking a short drive up Route 30 to The Dorset Inn.

      1. The Depot Cafe on Rt. 11/30 is really good, although the service can be a bit pokey. It's inside a furniture store, so it's a bit odd, but the food is excellent: middle eastern and a good selection of wood-fired pizzas.

        1. In Manchester- The Chantecleer, Mistrals on Tollgate Road.

          Just a short jaunt to Londonderry rt 100- Three Clock Inn

          all are tasty and delicious!

          Perfect wife is good but not a favorite-