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Apr 21, 2008 01:48 PM

Need Korean or Chinese recs for Flushing

My family will be in Queens this Wednesday for a funeral. To complicate matters, we are somewhat Passover observant--no wheat for us, though rice/soy is okay. We're adventurous eaters but my mother (in her late 60's) prefers places that aren't complete dives, and we'll be in our funeral clothing. We will not be a huge crowd, probably no more than 10 people.

Options could include a good Cantonese restaurant that will remind my parents of the better Chinese-American food they ate in Queens as kids. Don't get me wrong; they love real Chinese regional food, but this would be a comfort meal for them.

Dim sum places are out of the question due to Passover. All other Chinese options are possible.

Korean would also work for us and my folks almost always have a Korean meal with us when they visit us in DC.

Thanks in advance--feel free to enlist my help for the DC area.

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  1. I don't know how strict you are but soy sauce contains wheat. That may make it a bit tough to do Korean or Chinese.

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      We're aware. We cook with wheat-free tamari, but are willing to ignore negligible amounts of soy sauce, and it isn't something we ever add at the table.

      1. re: PollyG

        me personally... i love the picnic garden korean BBQ

        nice, warm atmosphere and affordable

        its on northern at 149th

    2. I'm sorry for your loss. May I suggest Jade Asian? You'd have to order from the dinner menu. Yes, it's Cantonese, but I think they do the Chinese-American faves too, and more important it is fairly elegant. This isn't the time for you to visit the food stalls in a basement mall.