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Apr 21, 2008 01:29 PM

Looking for good restaurants in Lake Union section of Seattle

I'm visiting Seattle for the first time for a few nights in July, and am looking for some good and moderately priced restaurants near my hotel in Lake Union.

We are coming from NYC with a well-behaved 5 year old. In addition to some recs that really showcase Seattle fare, I am very interested in a great sushi restaurant.

Neighborhood feeling and moderately priced are 2 key phrases ;-)

Thanks. I can't wait to visit your city!

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    1. I second the nomination for Hiroshi's (sushi), corner of Eastlake and Louisa. For breakfast, check out Louisa's and Grand Central, both on Eastlake. Serafina is cozy and romantic but you'd need to find a sitter--don't know if you're also looking for a grownups-only dinner place. Avoid the restaurants at the south end of Lake Union--they're corporate eateries (e.g., Hooter's). You'll be much better off on Eastlake or Westlake.

      1. Joey's.

        Just kidding.

        How about Northlake Pizza or Ivar's Salmon House on the north side of the lake?
        Ivar's is a "northwest original" with decor set up to look like an Indian log house. They specialize in (you guessed it) salmon, which they cook over an alder fire pit. Their clam chowder would also be recommended. As an added bonus for a tourist, it has a very nice view of the city.

        Northlake does a unique style of pizza with a cracker like crust and heaps of toppings (not traditional brick oven style, but it's not bad).

        I'll admit neither are "spectacular" food, but they're both fun and kid friendly.

        I actually had some folks in town this weekend and they wanted to do something "salmon and northwest-y", so I figured the Salmon House would be an ok choice. It was better than I had remembered. The steam clams were a little off and the sides were mediocre, but the salmon itself was great (i went with sockeye, my friend went with chinook). I hadn't been for anything besides their great happy hour in years, but I was pleasantly surprised.

        Ivar's Salmon House
        401 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98105

        1. Sitka and Spruce is just down the road. Get there early and treat yourself. If you're going to be in town on a Thursday, make a reservation early and jump the SLUT to Guest Chef Night at Fare Start. It can be a fine meal, and it will make you feel good to help the cause. Despite the crack about Joey's, their mushroom soup is yummy! Find Pete's for your wine needs.

          1. I love Serafina for dinner - and they often have live jazz on Saturday nights.

            Warning: there are a lot of mediocre Lake Union restaurants with lovely views. Joey's, Blue Water Bistro, Hooters etc ...

            There is a great new coffee shop on Eastlake called Voxx.