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Apr 21, 2008 01:08 PM

SEVEN restaurant downtown? or?

I love downtown and eat there a lot. A foodie friend and I are going to eat downtown Saturday and we thought we would try something new. Has anyone been to Seven? And what about any of the other newer places I have read about? Any suggestions?


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    I guess you can go from 7 to 7 Grand afterwards and continue the theme. Have not been to 7 so can't advise you on food.

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      We had the worst experience last Saturday evening at Seven Restaurant & Bar which is located downtown LA on 7th & Grand.

      We were at a birthday party that started at 9 pm that was scheduled to end at 2:00am. The night was young with about 50 patrons having drinks and appetizers with a long line of people in their cars waiting to get valet parking to come in for the party. We all were having such a nice time socializing with friends and family when the owner decided to shut the kitchen down. Unbelievably he turned off all the lights in the dining area at about 11:15 pm! At this point he asked everyone to leave the restaurant. Here we were in the pitch black darkness unable to see how to get from one point to the other. He was very fortunate that no one sustained an injury from this kind of negligent behavior.

      The owner displayed a nasty attitude showing no respect toward his customers.
      Apparently he didn’t make the money he anticipated for the evening and decided to take out his angst on everyone. One thing I do know is that you always provide the best possible service to your customers. A number one way to attract clientele to your business is positive word of mouth advertising.

      With that in mind I would never recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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        Well, here is a review from this week's edition of LADowntownNews, whereby Kathryn was not overly impressed either.

    2. If you go, pls report back. Doesn't seem right that they should call themselves 7, since Seven Grand was already there, and there will also be a restaurant at Seven Grand.

      1. I am headed there next Weds. for lunch... if someone goes sooner, do tell what you thought of the food!

        1. I also love downtown, and have been meaning to go to seven restaurant. I have seen the space and I like it a lot. Most of downtowns restaurants are still building out (Rivera, Casa, Provecho, Hygee, Union, Kor, bottle rock, Wolfgangs new restaurant, and a new restaurant by the Drago Brothers), so seven is the only new one worth noting that I heard about. I heard Shojin is a good japanese vegan restaurant, but aside from that, I dont think anything has opened yet.

          I am assuming you have been to blue velvet arleady? I havent been since the chef change, so I cant speak to the quality.


          Chef Paderno (of the VERY awesome All Angelo Restaurant) is a consulting chef so it cant be all that bad.

          I hope it is good!

          if you go, please report. I havent heard ANY news from this place yet.

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            As a downtown worker for many years down on 9th and Hill, I'm excited about restaurants opening up in the area. Tried Seven today for a birthday lunch. Service was pleasant, and room was about 3/4 full. Asked the waitress what her favorite and most popular dishes were. She said the 2 chicken dishes, the salmon, and the ahi salad. Had the grilled salmon, mash potato, sauteed spinach. I swear that the mash tasted that it was made from the dehydrated type. Spinach was oily. Forgot to ask for for the salmon to be cooked medium rare and it came medium. OK, not great all around. Companion had the ahi salad, and he commented that it didn't have much flavor. Food for two, two glasses of wine, tax and tip: $75. Another friend had a business dinner there last week, and he said that service was horrendous. NOTE: they currently only service beer and wine.

            Tranquility Base has been a regular after work place for me. Great beer selection, but you have to ask for the off-menu specialty drinks. Can't wait for warmer weather to enjoy the outdoor eating area. Dave and Kelly (brother and sister owners of the place), for me, make the place. Hugs all around, conversation, always interested in hearing how to improve. Love them. Given that, they advertise themselves as small plates, but I would suggest they are bar food (no offense guys, if you're reading this). Suggested plates: tempura, sol and luna fries, burger, lobster bisque, salmon salad. And don't forget your hug on the way in and out.

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