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Apr 21, 2008 12:53 PM

Moving to Astoria next week: Any recs?

I'm moving to Astoria next week from Minnesota and would like any recs for good eats in Astoria.

I generally like places that offer good portions, reasonable prices and can do take-out...

I like sandwich shops, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Mediterean, noodle shops, and Italian the most although I can pretty much eat anything.

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  1. About a year ago I made a Google Map of my favorite Astoria spots, then promptly abandoned it. Your post spurred me to revisit, revise, and add a few more spots, but it's still a work in progress.

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    1. re: jmat

      Nice map, I would add to this my favorite 31st ave options: JJs, Zenon, Himalaya Tea House and Il Bambino; The Brazilians: Sabor Tropical and Malagueta.

      1. re: Astoria Lurker

        Yeah, 31st Ave is mostly a mystery to me. What's good at JJs? I'm always confused by fusion places with multiple cuisines ...

        1. re: jmat

          At JJ's, get the small-plate appetizers, such as the edamame dumplings, the apple sashimi, and so forth. Very inventive and tasty flavors! Their more traditional sushi is quite good too, some of the best in Astoria.

    2. i'm a fan of zodiac cafe (greek food, generous portions, good too, sometimes has live entertainment) and cavo (get an outdoor table - and their little plates are the best). christos steak house also has some good steaks.

      1. Go Wasabi on 30 Ave is good for Japanese for Thai food let's try Red Basil Thai on Steinway good price good taste

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        1. re: perrer

          I disagree with both of those recommendations. For sushi, try JJ's or Bistro 33. Both are two of the better restaurants in Astoria. For Thai, Wave Thai, Thai Pavilion, and Arnharn Thai are all pretty good.

          1. re: Harlan

            I try Arnharn Thai Rest they not that good i think they use alot of MSG....Thai Pavilion its good but a little expensive...I like Red Basil on Steinway they fast,good and cheap...

        2. Try Red Basil on Steinway....