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Apr 21, 2008 12:51 PM

Rum extract - where to buy in NJ?

I want to try out a recipe for rum buns that calls for rum extract. I tried the obvious (Wegman's and Williams Sonoma, but no luck). I don't want to use rum because the extra liquid I would need would dilute the baked good recipe. Anyone know where real rum extract (not imitation) can be purchased in a retail store (I would like to avoid paying 3 times the price to cover shipping)? I'm in central Jersey. TIA

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  1. I would call whole foods and check with them. I am pretty sure they carry rum extract

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      I tried both Whole Foods (Red Bank) and Dean's Natural Market today and struck out. So I am now convinced that you can't buy rum extract in any retail establishment in the area. I have to think it because of the word "rum" in the product, even though vanilla extract probably has more alcohol in it. I would consider ordering on-line, but everything I've seen has been 'imitation' and I don't see the point in that. I will probably just use dark rum and adjust the liquids in the recipe (rum buns) to offset the additional liquid from the run.

    2. http://cooksvanilla.com/product_35_Pu...

      If you opt to go the online order route, you can buy pure rum extract here.
      Also, this is a bit more of a recipe related reply, but if you cook down the dark rum on low heat you can attain a good substitute.

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        Gary's Wine and Marketplace in Bernardsville should have it