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Apr 21, 2008 12:51 PM

Rum extract - where to buy in NJ?

I want to try out a recipe for rum buns that calls for rum extract. I tried the obvious (Wegman's and Williams Sonoma, but no luck). I don't want to use rum because the extra liquid I would need would dilute the baked good recipe. Anyone know where real rum extract (not imitation) can be purchased in a retail store (I would like to avoid paying 3 times the price to cover shipping)? I'm in central Jersey. TIA

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  1. I would call whole foods and check with them. I am pretty sure they carry rum extract

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      I tried both Whole Foods (Red Bank) and Dean's Natural Market today and struck out. So I am now convinced that you can't buy rum extract in any retail establishment in the area. I have to think it because of the word "rum" in the product, even though vanilla extract probably has more alcohol in it. I would consider ordering on-line, but everything I've seen has been 'imitation' and I don't see the point in that. I will probably just use dark rum and adjust the liquids in the recipe (rum buns) to offset the additional liquid from the run.


      If you opt to go the online order route, you can buy pure rum extract here.
      Also, this is a bit more of a recipe related reply, but if you cook down the dark rum on low heat you can attain a good substitute.

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        Gary's Wine and Marketplace in Bernardsville should have it