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Apr 21, 2008 12:24 PM

Thai near to Westlake Village

I promised to take a friend to the Thai/Peruvian restaurant in Camarillo (the chain has one in Oxnard and Ventura too)
Before we go is there is there anywhere else other than of course pookies in the WLV Newbury Park area to try?
The Thai Peru place I went to last month and found all dishes tasted the same regardless of the country....quite ok but a bit heavy!

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  1. FYI - Pookies had a fire in their Kitchen Sat night. Not too serious but they are closed for now until repairs are made and permits given to re-open. Pookie said they were planning to start serving some Thai dishes in their Japanese restaruant at the front of the water court.

    It'll probably be too crowded for us; we'll just wait for her to re-open before returning.

    BTW, I ate at ThaiPeru twice, first and last time. Nothing much notable in this area for Thai, but you can check out:

    White Elephant on Moorpark
    Thai Braserie on T.O (nr. Lindero Canyon)
    There are several Exotic Thai's in the area, but I wouldn't go to these unless you're desperate

    Next best Thai food in the area is in Simi Valley. Maybe someone more knowledable with Simi Valley Thai food will chime in.

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      thai brasserie is in walking dist, from my house, but have never tried it... anyone here has an opinion??

    2. I agree about Thai-Peru. Also tends toward the pricey. If you are in Camarillo, I like Charn on Daily Drive near Las Posas. Sawadee on Arneill also has good food but quirky atmosphere and service.

      And LesThePress - I am so with you on Exotic Thai. Their food makes McDonald's seem spicy and flavorful.

      1. I like the Fit 2 Be Thai place on Moorpark and Wilbur in Thousand Oaks. Small menu but it's all real fresh and they have a friendly staff too.
        They use to have a store in Moorpark but recently sold it.

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          I tried it today and was underimpressed. Their "purple" rice was actually mostly white rice colored purple with a few grains of purple rice mixed in. I know it is expensive, but if they can't afford to serve it, they should leave it off the menu.

          Food was very fresh and healthy-tasting, thought not at all well-seasoned. If you think of it as health food, it might be okay. As Thai food...I wouldn't go back.