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Apr 21, 2008 12:24 PM

1st time in seattle this weekend - recs?

We're staying near downtown and will probably be walking/public transport.

We're getting in late Friday evening (9:15ish) from the Bay Area and leaving Sunday evening.

And we're also going to the A's/Mariner's game on Saturday evening. Hopefully, would like to eat somewhere near the park before or after the game. though, i read on the board that the garlic fries are good, and the bento box.

I also saw some hits for Matts in the market on this board.

Otherwise, we're newbies - so good food (preferably stuff that's harder to find in the bay area, and we're open to expensive and inexpensive options, but no meat - only seafood/fish and veggie)

Some good brunch, lunch, and dinner options would be great! Also, would love to sample/visit local breweries/brewpubs.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pyramid Brew Pub is right across the street from Safeco Field, and Pike Place Brewery is in the Pike Place Market (surprise!). Matt's and just about any place in the Pike Place Market is great--no chains, all owner-operated. The Virginia Inn (corner of 1st Ave and Virginia St) just remodeled, is a great tav with great tav food. Le Pichet, in the same block, feels like a French bistro that's been teleported to Seattle, including the zinc bar.

    Pioneer Square is the nabe adjacent to Safeco Field--food runs the gamut from fabulous (Il Terrazzo Carmine) to corporate (Cow Chips, Rocky Mt Chocolate Factory).

    I grew up in an Oakland A's family but have transferred my loyalty to the M's. My sister in law and her younger son came from the Bay Area to Seattle for opening day last year and made the Californian mistake of equating sun with warmth. Don't be fooled--as I look out my window, it's clear and sunny and beautiful and 40 degrees!

    1. Cafe Campagne for brunch is near Pike Place Brewery/pub

      1. I recommend Elysian Fields brewpub over the Pyramid. It's just north of Safeco on 1st or Occidental (it runs straight through the block.)

        Garlic fries are good at Safeco. Dunno about the bento - the only other thing I eat at M's games are kettle corn brought in from outside or pork sandwiches from the bullpen pub in the park under the manual scoreboard. Pretty good (by MLB standards) beer selection in the park if you can stomach the prices.

        Matt's is a good bet, but do beware some of the other places in the market - there are plenty of local restaurants in there, but plenty of them are lousy tourist traps like the Pike Place Bar & Grill.