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Apr 21, 2008 12:21 PM

Toro or Butcher Shop

Hi Chowhounds:

A friend and I are headed out this week and are planning to go to Toro. Any feedback if it's still hard to get in/long lines?

Would The Butcher Shop be a better choice for a Wednesday night?


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  1. Chances are that you will have to wait at Toro. Its almost inevitable. Since you are going on a weeknight though, it may not be as bad as it is on the weekends. However, the food is fantastic, so it is well worth the wait if you decide to go for it! Enjoy!

    1. Toro does usually have a wait, but if you are willing to sit at the bar or at the center tables then you should cut that back at least a few minutes. I find the food and ambiance better at Toro than at the Butcher Shop, and it usually tends to be a tad cheaper.

      1. I agree with the other posters, but I'd add that I think the Butcher Shop will have a similarly long wait as Toro. Toro has cheaper drinks, and I think it's easier to eat well for less money there. I also prefer the service at Toro.

        1. Both places are often crowded on Wednesdays. It's easier at both if there are just two of you: you can always angle for bar seats.

          I'm more of a fan of Toro for its better prices; much broader, tapas-focused menu; greater selection of modestly-priced wines; livelier atmosphere; and superior cocktails, with some recently upgraded bartending (TBS is beer/wine only).

          But I also like The Butcher Shop for certain things. It pours more interesting, mostly more expensive wines, about which the staff is better educated. Its housemade salumi and charcuterie are excellent. It serves lunch, which Toro doesn't, and is a pleasantly quiet mid-day oasis. It has a fine high-end retail meat market. It is smaller, quieter, and a bit stuffier: I'd say the typical crowd is older than Toro's.