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Apr 21, 2008 12:19 PM

looking 4 cake in east brunswick

what is a good east brunswick bakery????or in surrounding towns?

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  1. Sayreville has Royal Bakery but that might be a little far.

    east brunswick has the bakery by CVS off cranbury, but I don't have too much experience with them so I can't personally vouch.

    1. Salomon's Bakery, on Route 9 South, in Manalapan, is about 10 minutes from E. Brunswick.

      1. Jamesburg borders the western part of East Brunswick (Think Cranbury Road). In Jamesburg is a bakery named Mendokers.

        It is by far the best Bakery in the area and many consider it one of the best in New Jersey.

        Here is the website

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          jesus how could I forget.

          scratch whatever I said above. mendokers is king. (royal is good thought too)

          1. re: tom246

            Tom couldn't be more right! I second his choice, you won't be sorry.

            1. re: tom246

              I have to 2nd Mendokers Bakery. They have excellent cakes and pastry's and its fairly close to East Brunswick. Almost everything they make is good. I am also partial to Abbate Bakery, in Matawan, NJ. Its probably about 15-20 mins southeast of East Brunswick down RT 516.


            2. There is a bakery inside Hong Kong Supermarket on Rt 18 that's decent.

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                Mendokers is it. There is nothing else on this side of town.

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                  What do you recommend there? I've had several cakes from them and none were very good. I recently found out that their cake layers are baked and frozen (often for a few weeks) so that might explain why the ones I had tasted "off".

              2. I've always gone to LeBonbonniere's in Edison (Route 27 North near the Entenman's outlet). Scala's on Route 130 North in North Brunswick (north of Lion's Plaza, in the Margherita's pizzeria strip mall) is supposed to be a decent Italian pastries bakery.

                Also, I thought Wegman's (Woodbridge and Princeton) bakery dept is not bad for gourmet cakes and pastries.

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                1. re: athenanike111

                  Two of my favorite places! La bon had a guava mousse cake as their weekend special and man was it good. Always use them for my cakes. Ingredients are top notch and their chocolate chip cookies are lightly spiced and delicious. Personally I like to order them ahead or ask if they're fresh that day. They're still good after that but they tend to dry out a little and become crisper than I like my chocolate chip cookies to be. I also like the carrot cake squares if they have them there or the apple squares.

                  Scala has those chocolate dipped cookies with the mousse in the middle which might be my favorite cookies ever. I'm also a big fan of their apricot and rasberry cookies though I forget what the style of cookie is right now. Not a pignola fan myself but someone I work with who loves them thought their's were excellent. I've never purchased a cake there though.


                  1. re: jrd303

                    Had a bad experience at Scala today. The choclote, mousse filled cookies that I love so much are usually ice cold but today they were warm and the chocolate was slightly melted and the fruit cookies were a little off of their usual quality as well. I've never had a bad experience there before. Hopefully it was a one time issue.