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Apr 21, 2008 12:17 PM

Good Lunch Options Near 7th Ave and 29th st.

My office has recently moved to the above address. I was wondering what the chowhounds know about the neighborhood. I'm looking for really tasty bargains. Any cuisine is fine with me though I'm not really a deli/sandwich lover. Thanks in advance.

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  1. F&B:
    Shake Shack, obviously
    I've heard they have good options at Blue Dog Cafe.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Love Blue Dog Cafe; my favorite quick lunch in the area (the #2 -- BLT and avocado on multi-grain -- is outstanding). Shake Shack only works if you either go at 11:30 or have 45 minutes to wait in line. F&B sucks (IMHO, of course!).

      Another option is Lenny's, a mini-chain sandwich shop with a location on 23rd Street. Their sandwiches are good and their delivery service is excellent.

    2. I work fight in this area, here are some of my lunch faves:

      Gingerhouse on 7th and 29th has reliable Chinese food and a great lunch special ($5.95 for an entree and rice).
      Guy and Gillard 7th and 29th is good when you're craving a high quality salad.
      Kofoo on 8th and 26th is quick, affordable and gives you enough Bim Bop to cover lunch for 2 days.
      Waldy's on 6th and 27th has the most incredible wood-fired thin crust pizza. Very authentic (for what it's worth, it's the only pizza in this area that my Italian co-worker ever orders).

      Also, do not fall in to the trap of BRGR (7th and 26th)! A fast food-style burger and fries shouldn't cost $15! It'd be okay if it was the most amazing burger I've ever had in my life, but it was a small burger that was mediocre at best.

      Happy lunching :)

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      1. re: Mel loves food

        I agree about BRGR. It's good but very expensive for what it is.

      2. If you walk over to 26th and 6th, Hill Country (bbq) and Sirtaj (Indian) are both very good. They're on 26th just east of 6th Avenue.

        I like Gyro II on 7th and 33rd, but people either love it or hate it, and there is no way to pretend that it is remotely healthy.

        For Chinese lunch specials, I actually like Dinersty (best name, huh?) on 8th and 31st. It's a greasy spoon takeout place, but I really like some of their food (hot and sour soup, General Tso's, etc.).

        I haven't tried Soul Fixins' on 28th (west of 7th), but it's on my list.

        1. Oh, this is kind of obvious, but there's a Whole Foods on 7th and 25th.

          1. I'd also add the gyro at Greek Corner on 28th and 7th.