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where to buy tomato paste in a tube?

I saw the Barefoot Contessa using this the other day (on her show) and I thought it seemed like a good idea - I am forever opening those darn little cans, using half and then finding the other half in my fridge in a tupperwear container covered in mould a month later..has anyone seen tubed tomato paste in Toronto? I haven't noticed it in any of the regular grocery stores..

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  1. Whole Foods, Pusateri's, Michael Angelo's

    1. Fiesta Farms Inc
      in between Garnet & Essex
      (Cross Street: Christie ST and Essex ST)
      Phone: 416-537-1235

      1. It's in No Frills/Loblaws. Cirio brand is <$1.50/tube. Don't pay more for the same quality at the hi-end joints. Yes, it's very handy and does end the fuzz factories at the back of the 'fridge.

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          Agree with Kagemusha. I get tubes of a couple of different Italian brands at my NoFrills. No need to go on a big hunt.

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            fuzz factories! love that...

            i open the can and freeze 2 tbsp portions in parchment and foil.

          2. I had the same problem, got to the point where I would just use what was needed and chucked the rest.

            I've seen those tomato paste tubes at Bruno's.

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              GRANDE CHEESE on Orfus close to Dufferin.

            2. Almost every decent supermarket has at least one brand. My current tube is from Loblaws. If you can find a brand called Amore, get it and tell us where you found it. Pretty well everything in a tube is better than canned, though.

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                I will be on a tomato paste in a tube hunt this weekend...perhaps I haven't really looked hard enough at the Loblaws in my 'hood (actually, they all suck in my hood, so maybe that is the problem..I need to branch out, expand my horizons a bit..)
                thanks all!

              2. Just saw it in my No Frills too (on Coxwell) last night. Also, if you don't already know, do seek out the Aurora brand tomatoes. My uncle introduced me to them. They are out of this world. No "canned" taste like Unico, Primo or the others. Same price as well.

                1. I fully agree about the Aurora brand tomatoes. They are great.

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                    Ever try the Unico San Marzanos? VERY different product than their watery, also-ran canned tomatoes. Comparable to imports at about a buck/can.

                  2. You can always freeze the unused portion. Just squeeze out into plastic wrap. If you shape the wrap into a tube, you can just unwrap and slice off as much as you need to use the next time (straight from freezer to pot). I haven't noticed any variance in taste or quality. Anybody else?

                    1. The tomato paste in tubes is definitely becoming more common. I've seen it in No Frills and Dominion for sure. An Italian grocer should have it as well but I'm pretty sure you should be able to find it in one of the big chains.

                      1. found it at Supercentre at Don Mills and Eg (though admittedly, I didn't look anywhere else last week)..I have to say, I used much less of the tube variety then the can variety with similar results. Perhaps it is more concentrated?

                        I love the Aurora tomatoes as well..
                        thanks for all the suggestions

                        1. Vincenzo's on the danforth north side between woodbine and main. They also have great homemade sausage while supplies last.