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Apr 21, 2008 11:59 AM

Visiting this weekend and looking for suggestions

My wife has a conference in the Marriott at Copley Place on Fri. 4/25 and we move over to the Marriott Long Wharf on Sat. night. We'll have our 2 girls (7 and 9) with us and we are looking for some restaurant help. I'm sure we'll be at the Science museum one day and the Aquarium the other. We know absolutely nothing about Boston and I've tried going through some of the posts and the reviews seemed real mixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. You might get more responses if you let us know a little bit more of what you are looking for: fancy vs. casual, burgers vs steaks, ethnic vs american, pizza, seafood, Italian, etc? Will you be relying on public transportation, walking or driving? Having said that, Long Wharf is close to the City's North End which is a great area to walk around with about 100 Italian restaurants, cafes and bakeries. You can get very high end Northern Italian, Mama Maria or Prezza, you can get red sauce Italian, you can get one of Boston finest pizzas at Regina's (but only eat at the original in the North End), do a more specific search on this board for what you might be looking for; by the Copley Marriott there are several high end steakhouses, notably, the Oak Room at the Copley Plaza Hotel and Abe and Louie's on Boylston Street; for good, if not memorable, seafood, there is Legal Seafood at various locations around Boston. If your kids like Chinese, head over to Chinatown for dim sum: Hei La moon or China Pearl or for dinner:Best Little Restaurant, Jumbo Seafood or Peach Farm.

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      We were not looking for any particular food as we enjoy all types. My girls are real good in restaurants so they don't have to be quick in and out places. Just trying to stay away from tourists traps. This site was wonderful for suggestions in SF and Santa Fe. If anything we'd be looking for more casual choices. I don't know if that helps narrow things down. We will be taking the train from ME so we will be relying on walking or public transportation. Thanks for the input so far!

    2. North end is fun, and family friendly enough.. you don't have to go far for the Science Museum to some nice places in Cambridge / Somerville, but the poster has it right - what kind of food works for you family? 7 and 9 year olds - expansive palettes or chicken nuggets? Are there ethnic foods you crave that you can't get in your home area? There is a whole spectrum - Legal Seafoods, Wagamama, North End Italian places, Fanueil Hall Food court, Capitol Grille on Newbury... lots of options..

      You'll be in the heart of the city that is for sure..

      1. You also have eating options (lunch) at both Aquariam and MOS. Most places in the North-end are family friendly and it's just a few blocks. Antico Forno is good and reasonable. Fanueil Hall has many food booths, with different ethnic options, as well.

        1. Definitely go to the North End for some great Italian. I would suggest Antico Forno on Salem Street. It's casual but very good. There is also Taranta on Hanover Street, another favorite. After dinner take a walk over to Modern Pastry (Hanover Street). They have IMHO some of the best desserts.
          If you don't want a tourist trap, I would say stay away from Faneuil Hall, although Kingfish Hall is probably the only worthwhile restaurant there, and is very good for lunch.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to see if I can find out about some of the places online.

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              People suggested several non-touristy places close to Fanueil in my post (making our break from the heartland) a couple of weeks ago. You might want to take a look.

              My 5-yr-old and I had a great time during my conference at Copley. I hope you do too!

            2. Right next to the aquarium is a lovely and delicious French bistro called Sel de la Terre. They even have a kid's menu.

              Not too far from the Museum of Science is an Afghan restaurant in Cambridge, the Helmand, also delicious and lovely (and reasonably priced), with food and decor the girls should find interesting.

              I strongly agree with the North End rec. It's a charming place to walk around, and don't miss the pizza at the original Pizzeria Regina. Follow it up with cannoli from Mike's Pastry.

              Near Copley Place, I'd recommend the Parish Cafe for gourmet sandwiches.

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                Sel de la Terre is a very solid choice near the Aquarium (though not super casual). The North End can also be a great family experience, depending upon what you are looking for. The North End can be a mine field of mediocrity for visitors but this thread should help you navigate your way:

                I'm a fan of Antico Forno (mentioned above) for a reasonably priced meal (Boston in general is fairly expensive for meals) and I would lean towards their wood oven baked entrées which do include pizza for the kids or adults.

                Please do report back after your visit