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Apr 21, 2008 11:50 AM

Favorite places to buy marinated meats in the Southbay or Westside

Looking for places that sell various meats already marinated and ready for the grill. Prefer ethnic choices and please no TJ's (I work there), Wholefoods, etc... I already go to Freshia for Korean, Sanchez Carneceria for Mexican. Thanks for the help in advance!

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  1. Try Top Value on Marine and Hawthorne. They recently put in a butcher area and have fresh marinated meats behind display cases. I go to Freshia market also. There is a small Mexican market on 166th and Vermont that has marinated meats for the grill. Haven't been there in a long time. They even butchered a pig for me once.

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      Not to pick nits, but that's a Valu Plus store; IMO they have the best values on meat (marinated or not) in the area. The parent company owns other stores including the Top Valu name: .
      To the OP, try searching the Home Cooking board for marination ideas or Ask. You will be rewarded :-).

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      1. I highly, highly suggest the pre-marinated meats from El Gaucho Meat Market in North Redondo Beach at the corner of Manhattan Beach Blvd. and Inglewood Ave. The skirt steak and the chicken are the standouts. My family has been grilling the stuff for the last 5-7 years and it's still damn good. Fairly priced too.

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          I can second this.

          I've had marinated meats from chains like Albertson's and they taste terrible, almost metallic, so I was surprised when I heard that this place had good marinated Argentinian meat. And it delivered. The end.

        2. The Farms on Montana at 19thish. Amazing marinade on their top quality carne asada.