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Apr 21, 2008 11:41 AM

drivin' for dinner

Looking to get out of the City (away from the marathon crowd) tonight for dinner. Anything outstanding come to mind within an hour or so drive of Boston? Outstanding can encompass anything from burgers to chinese to seafood etc.


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  1. Why not just head up to Ipswich and have your inaugural Clam Box run of the season?

    1. Back Eddy, Westport, outside on the harbor for a beautiful sunset and excellent fish. Also, Bridgeman's in Hull, excellent food.

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        Second Back Eddy's - but look on their website to find out if they are open on Mondays.

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          Plus it's a pretty long ass drive, or at least it feels longer than most. Tosca in Hingham, Bridgeman's in Hull, Tony's on Wollaston Beach, Chiara in Westwood, Franklin Cafe in Gloucester, Bistro 5 in Medford. But yes, check on Mon. hours.

      2. Red Rock Bistro in Swampscott. Right on the water, and on Monday's they have dollar day -- $1 oysters, sliders and corn dogs; $2 skewers of shrimp.

        1. How about Duck Fat in Portland?

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            Well, Back Eddy is about 1 hour from BOston. Portland?? At least 2 1/2- OP was thinking an hour.

          2. we ended up taking nomadgirl's suggestion of red rock bistro. impressive view, friendly hostesses, but little else.

            we ordered dz oysters , the pork taquito, lobster roll and the fisherman's platter.

            oysters: ordered a dz, were served 9. didn't taste entirely fresh. i think we ended up kumamoto and malpeque (but i could be mistaken about the latter as the waiter was not sure of what they had avail). One slice of lemon, and a little mixture of bottled cocktail sauce and horseradish. I would have expected something at least homemade or maybe a mignonette sauce.

            Braised Pulled Pork Taquitos- totally bland. quite disappointing actually. it seems as though they forgot salt entirely

            the classic lobster roll-- two claws, little tail meat. this is a deconstructed classi-- mayo and celery come on the side. totally inconvenient and almost impossible to combine together. the toasted wonder bread bun was quite nice. $21

            fisherman's platter. clams, fish, shrimp, scallops. $27 fine- nothing impressive.

            all and all, we would have faired better at kelly's with a similar view.

            love the clam box, but they closed at 7:30 last night.

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              I do believe that your experience jives with what I've read on this board about Red Rock Bistro. Great location, middling food.

              I'm curious about the 9 oysters, though. Were you offered an explanation for why you were not given a dozen?